Developing an Automated Risk Assessment, Redaction, and Anonymization (ARARA) Platform

Our client was looking for a Senior Full-Stack Java Engineer/Architect with experience of leading a development team. SPsoft has managed to provide the required specialist on short notice.


Our client is a leading SaaS and service provider specializing in data anonymization and analytics, as well as ML & AI solutions.


United States



Team size:

1 person

Project duration:



Dedicated Team, Back-end Development, Custom Software Development

Tech stack:

  • Java8
  • JavaFX
  • Auth0
  • SWT


SPsoft took an active part in developing ARARA, an Automated Risk Assessment, Redaction and Anonymization platform meant to help companies comply with EMA Policy 0070 and Health Canada Public Release of Clinical Submissions when handling PHI/e-PHI and patients’ identifiable data. Despite our client’s impressive progress, they were involuntarily held back by the aforementioned stuffing issue, which was the lack of a Senior Full-Stack Java Engineer with experience in leading a development team. 

Our specialist was meant to aid them with architectural solutions and take charge of the data anonymization platform’s support and extension for both structured and unstructured clinical data sets. Building the project’s roadmap swiftly and efficiently was another box to tick off the list as soon as the architect arrived.

Value Delivered

SPsoft has provided a Full-Stack Java Senior Engineer with experience in leading a software development team and making architectural decisions. The project’s roadmap has been successfully developed and implemented, as ARARA now works on trained semantic models & taxonomies. The platform meets the risk thresholds due to automated redactions and transformations. What is more, ARARA is capable of providing automated outputs while the users are still capable of changing the data manually. Finally, the platform Is fully compatible with EMA Policy 0070 and Health Canada PRCI Submissions.

The process

SPsoft’s Senior Java Full-Stack Engineer/Architect has teamed up with the in-house development team to create ARARA. It was within one week that we sourced a candidate that met our partners’ requirements and had him approved by the client’s CTO and CEO.

As the parties put pen to paper on a mutually advantageous contract, the project was launched in two weeks since the first contact between parties. The SPsoft engineer has joined the client’s team of technology gurus, adding even more prowess to the performance and decision-making areas. As a result, the platform sprang to a new level of functionality.

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