Big Data Services

Channeling the power of big data for streamlining your business success. From consulting and strategy definition to infrastructure maintenance and support, a proprietary big data framework combined with popular open-source technologies like Apache Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka fueling your business with vital insights from previously untapped data assets. Machine learning and deep learning algorithms delivers a comprehensive toolset for storing, processing, and analyzing mammoth data volumes.

Enterprise Analytics

Assessing and optimizing your current big data processing methods. Defining your product strategy, along with the best-fit technologies to help you convert your data into revenue.

Enterprise Analytics

Data Platform Engineering

Data warehouse and data lake solutions for neoteric ETL development, execution, and management. Revolutionary data pipelines transforming raw data into easily curated and flexible datasets.

Data Platform Engineering

Data Security

Harnessing the latest security standards, multi-tiered authentication systems, backup and recovery algorithms to safeguard your data from intentional and accidental theft, destruction, modification, or disclosure.

Data Security

BI & Data Analytics

Ad-hoc decisions powered by predictable outcomes accelerate your project’s versatility, velocity, and lucrativeness. Breakthrough BI tools leveraging the data science approach to automating your inner and outer processes.

BI & Data Analytics

We've got insights you did not know existed!

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Success stories

Risk Management Data Visualization For a Capital Investment Fund

SPsoft optimized the performance and data visualization of existing risk management and trading platform for a Singaporean capital investment fund.

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Traveling Safety and Convenience Ensurance Platform for a US-Based Automation, Analytics, AI, and Cloud Data Management Powerhouse

A unique traveling platform that notifies passengers on the traveling restrictions and conditions per country and then verifies the traveler's compliance with them.

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Building an ERP System For The Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer

End-to-end design and delivery of an ERP system for one of the leading Los Angeles based wholesale clothing manufacturers.

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Why SPsoft?

Consolidated Knowledge

Big Data Excellence Center where leading experts conquer the most challenging tasks.

Profound AI Practices

Extensive AI skillset for accurate data modelling-powered predictions.

Extensive Expertise

Profound cloud competency covering AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud platforms.

Refined Visualization

Top-tier UI/UX expertise to present complex data in a visually appealing manner.

Our approach?


Define the problem

Assess your business environment and performance to identify key goals and challenges.


Collect data

Gather data in different formats from multiple sources to address the identified goals.


Prepare data

Evaluate data quality and remove inaccurate records to structure data for further analysis.


Analyze data

Develop analytical algorithms to discover useful insights for making business decisions.


Incorporate in business

Integrate analytical algorithms into the production environment to unlock new opportunities


Validate the results

Continuously assess the algorithms’ performance to make adjustments if necessary.

Industries we serve


Advanced, secure, and regulation-compliant software for implementing revolutionary healthcare endeavors.
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Omnichannel retail software to ensure customer-centricity, streamlined processes, and maximized income.
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Designed software solutions for financial innovators and visionaries to keep up with the market demands and forever volatile industry regulations.
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Travel and Hospitality

Software solutions that render traveling convenient and safe in the most turbulent of times.
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Independent Software Vendors

Custom-designed, delivered, and integrated platforms for companies standing at the cross-roads of industries.
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