Developing a Comprehensive Doctor-Patient TeleHealth Solution

Developing an all-in-one telehealth solution for finding, administering, and paying for state-of-the-art psychotherapeutic services.


Our client is an up-and-coming telehealth start-up from the United States, aiming at providing patients with convenient access to psychotherapeutic services while on the go.


United States



Team size:

4-9 members, depending on the phase

Project duration:

February 2021 - Present


UI/UX Design, Architecture design & development, Back-end development, Front-end development, Database development, 3rd-Party integrations.

Tech stack:

  • Typescript
  • React
  • MaterialUI
  • hasura
  • PostgreSQL
  • urql
  • fastapi
  • flask
  • gqless
  • mobx (legacy)


The SPsoft team has embarked upon developing a provider-patient platform that enables online psychotherapeutic consultations, health records maintenance & management, as well as automated 3rd-party payments, including those from insurance companies. Regardless of the fact that our mission was quite extensive from the onset, we have had to deal with multiple limitations and bottlenecks that have been chasing the project due to a number of factors.

First, the project we joined stood on the verge of being transferred to a new product owner with an already existing roadmap. Second, we faced a bumpy roadmap, which was not validated in terms of time and capacity required, and a great chunk of tech debt. Given that the project has already been through several rounds of investment, we had to join our forces and deal with unrealistic scope and deadlines. Thus, our mission boiled down to summoning a flexible team, capable of building a product from scratch with nothing less but tech debt and insufficient wireframes on our hands.

Value Delivered

The SPsoft team was hired as the ones capable of setting the project’s focus right, choosing the tools needed, selecting and implementing the integrations required for speeding up the delivery of the scope requested. We have delivered on our partner’s expectations by harnessing an atypical development cycle. While having the customer’s wireframes in place, we had to code the platform’s functionality and only then proceed with the UI/UX design, and not vice versa. 

We have also provided a reliable architecture that features all the required out-of-the-box elements, while rendering it compatible with the original wireframes. Another crucial task that we dealt with was summoning and managing a dynamic and flexible team, continuously tuned in accordance with the delivery pipeline stages. That is, instead of hiring a team of 9, we took proper care of our customer’s budget and correlated the team size between between 4 to 9 members, depending on the expertise scope requested at every stage of delivery.

The process

We have joined the project in February 2021. It was right from the onset that we analyzed the business needs and defined the strategy for ensuring the platform’s tech compatibility with them. We agreed to take a detour around the ordinary development cycle, as there was no other way to deliver to the customer’s requirements in full scope and on time. 

Crafting the project’s backend with the help of automated solutions, won us more time for working on the UI/UX design and integrations required for the project’s success. Our constantly capacity-fluctuating team has managed to deal with the mission within 6 months while operating within the whereabouts of our customer’s initial budget.

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