Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services

Automation and personalization are the two staples of modern business. Let’s automate your processes and personalize your customer’s experience with AI and ML solutions. The SPsoft crew is here to ensure each step of your way is powered by profusely analyzed data

AI and ML Runtime Platforms

Industry-savvy, experienced AI and ML experts will develop and support environments to train and execute ML/AI models, perform enterprise integration of data, security, and API, as well as conduct performance assessment, tuning, and improvement.

AI and ML Runtime Platforms

Data and Analytics Consulting

We will teach you and show you how to establish a data powerhouse within your organization. Let us lead you along the way of proclaiming your informational independence.

Data and Analytics Consulting


Get to know what your customers want before your competitors do. Social media sentiment analysis, text analytics and classification, and voice processing will get you there, letting you create genuinely individualized offers.


Business Analytics and Intelligence

Turn your business development adventure into a duly-planned journey. Know the steps to take in advance by getting a constantly updated statistical picture of your enterprise.

Business Analytics and Intelligence


Automate your sales and customer support by ensuring omni channel communication with your clients. 24/7 instant informational support has never left a client indifferent.


Computer Vision

Enhance and accelerate your business processes with custom object detection systems, video stream analysis, and image processing.

Computer Vision

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Success stories

AR-Based Personalized Virtual Skincare Counsellor For The Biggest Skincare and Makeup Brand In Asia

We developed a platform for a Smart Mirror-based kiosk solution with personalized skincare counseling and facial recognition capabilities integrated with a handheld scanner.

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Risk Management Data Visualization For a Capital Investment Fund

SPsoft optimized the performance and data visualization of existing risk management and trading platform for a Singaporean capital investment fund.

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Why SPsoft?

Let’s leave your competitors behind with custom-developed scalable AI-based solutions for your business.

Real-Time Data Analytics

We will harness the full potential of the real-time machine learning solutions to empower your business’s stability and foster its growth.

Data-Driven Business Planning

Our team will make sure your next step is fueled by a cautious analysis of the risks and opportunities involved.

Bolstered Cost-Efficiency

We will let you tap into the ML and AI solutions to accelerate your processes, thus fortifying efficiency and docking down the expenses.

Tech Refinement

Our crew will turn every element in your business’s environment into a growth resource with the help of a sophisticated tech development roadmap.

The Ubiquitous Need for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Applying complex custom-developed algorithms we will foster your business model, granting you tighter grip on the course your company takes. Harness the power of AI and ML and step up your business game.


Seamless and intelligent promotion with AI and ML driven data and movement directions. Nearly 28% of top-performing companies have invested heavily into AI & ML. – Abode.


Automated sales boosted by the newly sprung edges to grab and automated assistants. AI-based applications are the tool 21% of global sales leaders rely on today. The number will be growing. – Salesforce.


Fostered and accelerated project R&D fuelled by the previously unknown insights. AI & ML use cases in R&D have sprung by 300% over the last 10 years. The dynamics is positive. – The Verge.


Gauged to perfection project and company management. 54% of global top managers and executives testify to AI’s role in boosting productivity. – Forbes.

Industries we serve


Advanced, secure, and regulation-compliant software for implementing revolutionary healthcare endeavors.
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Omnichannel retail software to ensure customer-centricity, streamlined processes, and maximized income.
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Designed software solutions for financial innovators and visionaries to keep up with the market demands and forever volatile industry regulations.
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Travel and Hospitality

Software solutions that render traveling convenient and safe in the most turbulent of times.
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Independent Software Vendors

Custom-designed, delivered, and integrated platforms for companies standing at the cross-roads of industries.
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To serve and protect. That’s our mission! Let us perform!