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Healthcare Software Development

Custom healthcare software solutions cater to completing a myriad of processes along the patient’s entire journey. Healthcare solutions accelerate, automate, and refine experiences and outcomes from patient identity validation to appointment scheduling and telemedicine. The SPsoft experts have successfully delivered 20+ healthcare software solutions serving the best interest of 500+ thousand patients.

Healthcare App Development

The best way to establish a strong connection with your patients is to be there for them the very moment they need you. With a branded and fully-functional healthcare app you can win your patients’ trust and drastically improve their overall experience by encapsulating the entire spectrum of required services within a single application. At SPsoft, our team possesses extensive experience in health app design, development, and support.


Efficient healthcare solutions are more complex in their structure than one might think. 3rd-party integrations are an essential part of any software solution that is destined for success, as they boost the solution’s operational efficiency and refine its functionality. At SPsoft, we specialize in equipping healthcare software solutions with 3rd-party integrations, spanning the entire scope of expertise from identity validation to payment gateways.

Healthcare Data Analytics

Modern organizations’ success is based on the level of their data maturity, and healthcare providers are no exception to the rule. SPsoft experts empower healthcare companies for a revolutionary data gathering, processing, and usage. We build custom-tailored solutions that are perfectly compatible even with your existing data pipelines and help you turn unstructured data silos into a duly visualized business and clinical research insights.

Healthcare Cloud Enablement

Moving your operations to the cloud is the best way to ensure stability, velocity, and accessibility of your IT infrastructure. Given the healthcare industry’s sensitivity to 24/7 services availability, cloud-based operations eliminate downtime and solidify your patients’ data security, which is crucial for your business’s legal compliance. With rich experience in major cloud platforms, including Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform, SPsoft experts take healthcare companies to the cloud swiftly, cost-efficiently, and securely.



From idea to MVP

It is a great advantage to invest solely in solutions that will surely bring the expected result. If you have an idea for the next ground-breaking healthcare software solution, our experts will build a Minimum Viable Product out of it to help you make sure the full-scale product will miss no features needed.

Managed solution development

If you’re looking for an experienced healthcare software development partner who can deliver projects on an end-to-end basis, you have come to the right place. We can seamlessly cover turnkey project delivery, deploying comprehensive expertise teams that manage, design, engineer, test, deploy, and maintain.

Team extension

As a healthcare software development company, we can fill the gaps of your in-house software development teams to ensure the maximum efficiency of your project budget. We deploy our experts fast, tune into your team’s processes, and absorb the knowledge needed. Maximum time and materials efficiency ensured.


Transforming Healthcare Functional Needs into Compliant Technical Solutions

At SPsoft, we know how to turn things around and build solutions that reflect the stakeholders’ needs with a fine-tuned backend that ensures its comprehensive functionality and a slick, user-friendly interface.

Accelerated Delivery Based on Pre-Developed Components

With copious pre-developed components ready, we can quickly assemble your solution and tailor it to meet the unique requirements of your clients and teams. While delivering 100% customized solutions, the SPsoft team enhance your development process efficiency through the integration of thoroughly tested components.

Building Optimal Cloud Infrastructures

With an in-depth expertise in the world’s leading cloud platforms development, like AWS, GCP, and Azure, we take healthcare companies to the cloud seamlessly. This is the place to be when looking for stability, impeccable performance and unprecedented security.

Deep Expertise in Patient Engagement and Retention

While your app might be technically impeccable, it is the absence of user-friendliness that can confuse or even stack users. Our UX design specialists excel in providing software solutions that go beyond functionality, ensuring they are also practical and cater to real-life use cases.

Aligning All Your Tools Within One System

We understand that there are many tools in healthcare IT infrastructure, and that is why one of the core software development principles at SPsoft is the solution’s perfect alignment with your operational framework, its interoperability, and FHIR-first development.



The most intrinsic aspect of healthcare software development is healthcare cyber security compliance. All healthcare-related software must comply with specific patient data protection regulations, with HIPAA standing at the forefront of personally identifiable medical data protection in the United States. Having delivered 20+ successfully HIPAA-audited projects, we ensure your HIPAA compliance from the onset – when building your solution’s architecture.

SOC 2 / ISO 27001

Unlike HIPAA, SOC 2 and ISO 27001 are international data storage, management, and security compliance standards. Nonetheless, their jurisdiction applies to the United States and thus stands as a mandatory standard. While the two standards tackle the one and the same issue – customer data management, there are differences in requirements that healthcare organizations have to cover. The SPsoft team covers the SOC 2 / ISO 27001 requirements comprehensively.


Safely storing patient’s data on your servers is a tall order to deal with. Yet, exchanging it with different informational systems, without exposing it to any dangers is even harder. This is exactly why the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard comes in handy. We have gotten unique expertise in building of FHIR storage and FHIR facades. FHIR-first development is a cornerstone principle that we follow in solution architecture design.


  • United States
  • Ruby on Rails
  • React
  • GraphQL

Boosting Surgical Rooms Performance with a Neoteric Data Solution

An American robotic-assisted surgery pioneer was looking to help hospitals boost surgery units’ usage efficiency, safety, and cost allocation effectiveness  with improved data gathering, processing, and management. The SPsoft team has turned a mammoth legacy database into a robust BI and decision-making tool that now helps the company’s clients achieve unprecedented efficiency and flexibility while enjoying an all-round improved surgery units’ usage.

  • Enhanced analytical capabilities
  • Stable and profitable surgical units operations
  • Predictive decision-making
  • United States
  • Typescript
  • React
  • MaterialUI

A Comprehensive Doctor-Patient Telehealth Solution

A promising telehealth start-up aimed at ensuring its clients’ seamless access to psychotherapeutic services while on the go. The platform was meant to become an all-in-one solution for finding, receiving, and paying for the respective service with ease. The SPsoft team has delivered an advanced – equipped with automated 3rd-party integrations – provider-patient platform that enables seamless consultations, health records maintenance and management.

  • Revamped development cycle
  • Flexible team composition
  • State-of-the-art integrations
  • United States
  • Flutter
  • Dart
  • Mockito

One-of-a-Kind Telehealth Solution for Cancer Patients

A progressive healthcare company seeking to facilitate the lives of cancer patients needed help in devising and developing a revolutionary mobile app for cancer patients that would cover their telehealth needs on an end-to-end basis. While dealing with constantly fluctuating customer requirements, SPsoft has swiftly deployed a dedicated team that covered the app development needs comprehensively, enabling efficient day-to-day treatment planning, symptoms tracking, appointments scheduling, information sourcing, and treatment process centralization.

  • Successfully implemented constantly changing requirements
  • Intuitive web app design
  • Extended notification functionality


Web Development



Ruby on Rails




Mobile App Development


React Native

Native Android

Native iOS



SPsoft designs and develops custom mHealth solutions that are the epitome of digitally-mature healthcare software. We enable faster patient-doctor communication, propel efficient health research, and improve health outcomes by letting the HCPs focus on care while enabling patients to help them.

Patient Engagement

Patient engagement solutions help healthcare providers be closer to their existing and future patients, improve treatment outcomes, increase accessibility. We do not only have deep expertise in patient engagement, but also developed our own patient engagement solution to streamline patient experience to the next level of personalization.

AI and Machine Learning

Properly integrated AI-powered solutions can ultimately improve the quality of diagnostics, accelerate processes, and mitigate threats by human error reduction in mission-critical aspects. Our experience includes intelligent image recognition for cancer diagnostics, analysis of people behavior for optimization of surgical rooms performance and so much more.

Healthcare Interoperability

As a healthcare software development company, we guarantee seamless interoperability within our clients’ operational ecosystems. We achieve this through meticulously designed data pipelines, seamless integration of third-party solutions, and strict adherence to FHIR standard.

Health Data Analytics

A healthcare institution operating on the back of properly gathered, analyzed, and visualized data makes better patient-oriented decisions. Advanced health data analytics empowers patients for efficient self-care and health management, which saves providers time and drives income. We know how to handle even the most complex data pipelines from multiple sources and convert vast amounts of data into valuable insights.




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