FHIR Software Development Services

Achieve unprecedented healthcare data interoperability and security, leveraging our extensive FHIR expertise.

FHIR Software Development Services We Offer

FHIR-First Healthcare App Development

When discussing FHIR-first healthcare app development, we mean a solution for your business that is FHIR-compatible by design. Our expert team develops a custom healthcare solution that seamlessly integrates your data into the broader industry, ensuring automatic compatibility and security compliance for the data you send and receive. Seeing your patients’ health records in their entirety lets you offer them the maximum convenience and healthcare service efficiency. Checking these two boxes on a patient’s preferences list is easy with SPsoft as your FHIR software development company.

FHIR Facade Development

The seasoned healthcare software development engineers at SPsoft can serve as your trusted FHIR implementation advisors. FHIR implementation is more manageable than it may seem, as a complete migration to an FHIR storage is not always required. Our experts possess the expertise to help you retain and leverage your current backend database by creating an FHIR ‘wrapper’ around it. This approach offers the most advantageous path when seeking to fully capitalize on the benefits of an FHIR-compatible system while avoiding substantial investments in terms of both cost and time.

FHIR Data Mapping

The FHIR Data Mapping is a critical component of healthcare data integration, aiming to transform and align various data formats into Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standards. With our FHIR development services, we efficiently convert diverse data sources, such as legacy systems and non-standardized formats, into FHIR-compliant structures. Thus, your healthcare data becomes more universally accessible, allowing for seamless data exchange and interoper

Custom FHIR Profiling

FHIR, as a Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources standard, defines how the majority of existing medical data processes are to be handled by default. Nonetheless, each case of FHIR implementation is unique, just like the resources used in it. The SPsoft FHIR software development services will help you establish a custom FHIR profile, allowing you to author, publish, and receive more specific FHIR resources, accelerating your operational proceedings. We will tailor FHIR data model to serve your specific organization’s operational and clinical workflows.

Why Choose FHIR Software Development?

Significantly Improve Healthcare Data Interoperability

FHIR performs two primary missions. First, it keeps the data that migrates from one system to another safe. Second, it ensures the data is perfectly readable, regardless of the stored initial formats. That is what healthcare professionals call data interoperability – the milestone of efficient patient care. With FHIR implementation, your healthcare organization will benefit from a steady and secure data flow.

Get High Performance Even with High Load Data Exchange

In today’s healthcare industry, high-load data exchanges can be compared to the long lines in hospitals in the 1990s. The patients’ irritation levels rise exponentially due to the time they waste waiting for the service to be delivered. With SPsoft’s FHIR software development services, your organization can streamline service delivery through duly channeled, processed, and visualized data. High data loads in healthcare are factors signifying your popularity with the patients. The SPsoft experts will help you keep those dynamics running, not letting data become the hurdle to your business’s growth.

Enhanced Data Accessibility and Sharing

Data is the power behind efficient healthcare services, especially regarding telehealth. The faster you can access, process, and share your patients’ data with all the stakeholders caring for them, the better you are at the patient satisfaction levels. There is no better option when it comes to ensuring swift and secure data accessibility and sharing, as FHIR. This standard has been developed specifically for defining how healthcare information must travel between various computer systems to remain intact and valuable.

Streamlined Workflows and Efficiency

Imagine an HCP asking the patient to manually change the format of their healthcare data retrieved from another healthcare provider and send it to him before the appointment. How likely is that patient to opt for that HCP and not start looking for another one at that very moment? That is a rhetorical question. With an experienced FHIR software development company by your side, you will streamline your processes with the help of a unified data exchange format and pipeline.


Our Approach to FHIR Software Development

Interoperability Is the Priority

Unfortunately, not all the stakeholders in today’s healthcare industry understand that interoperability is the core of achieving success. You can no longer deliver high-quality healthcare services without integration into the industry’s grander scheme. With patients looking for convenience, reliability, and velocity, being a stand-alone player in the field prevents you from keeping the patient involved and satisfied. At SPsoft, every FHIR-based project we deliver aims to turn the data you process into an asset that supercharges your success.

Detailed Requirements Elicitation

When working with SPsoft, you may even be slightly irritated with the depth of scrutiny we will apply to your project. Our FHIR implementation experts will dive deep into the essence of your business goal to gain a clear vision of the technology solution that will help you achieve it. At SPsoft, it is the core of our code of conduct: we do not start delivering before we know how to ensure the same result our client wants. So, get ready for intense discovery sessions, as we will have a lot of questions aimed at making sure you achieve your success.

Streamlined Data Exchange

To remain successful in today’s healthcare industry, you must eradicate the system barriers that prevent data from entering and leaving smoothly. Every treatment journey is complex, requiring a healthcare professional to see a more comprehensive picture of the patient’s health record. Your patients will use the services of many HCPs. It means your system must be ready to quickly access, adapt, and visualize their data in the format needed for efficient decision-making. Working with a reliable FHIR software development company is the best way to ensure streamlined data exchange.

Ultimate Data Privacy and Security

SPsoft was founded in 2017 as a boutique software partner for healthcare organizations. Every expert working at SPsoft is a seasoned professional specializing in designing, developing, and maintaining healthcare industry-specific solutions. Our engineers have 100+ years of experience ensuring the healthcare solutions we build thrive on the data they process and never let unauthorized access to it. We know everything about healthcare data and how to safeguard it adequately because we are not a “one-fits-all all” tech partner. Our specialization is narrow and precise: custom healthcare software development.


  • United States
  • React
  • Netlify

Migrating, Redesigning, and Integrating a Patient-Doctor Platform

One of the leading American healthcare facility providers was looking to improve the velocity and quality of finding and maintaining tenants while assisting them in finding patients via its marketplace-like website. Having refactored the client’s website’s support system, we took the platform off the Webflow and added all the needed for seamless EHR integrations.

  • Fully redesigned platform
  • Stable tenants workload
  • Seamless EHR integration
  • United States
  • Typescript
  • React
  • MaterialUI

Reinventing the ALS Patients’ Treatment Experience

A Chicago-based front-runner in personalized care services for ALS was looking to revolutionize and refine their personalized treatment journeys. The SPsoft team automated the client’s front office, eventually devising and building a new platform. This refined the company’s internal workflows based on the specific, in-depth understanding of the ALS patients’ needs.

  • Improved client engagement and retention
  • Comprehensive process automation
  • Seamless scalability potential 
  • United States
  • iOS
  • .Net
  • AWS

Web and Mobile Apps for Rehabilitation Provider

A promising platform for physiatrists and recuperative care patients was looking to improve, personalize, and HIPAA-proof their product. Having taken over a legacy-derided telehealth platform, the SPsoft team helped the client devise the solution’s new architecture and infrastructure for refining its functionality, security, and compatibility with App Store and HIPAA.

  • New infrastructure and architecture
  • Fully refactored code
  • Refined DevOps operations

Our Expertise as a FHIR Software Development Company

FHIR Data Modelling and Mapping

FHIR data models are complex and simple at the same time. Every FHIR data model generally consists of resources, profiles, references, exchanges, identifiers, narratives, bundles, and a couple more elements. Yet, having all of them working is relatively easy, especially with an experienced FHIR software development services partner by your side. The SPsoft experts will help you identify the needed resources and map the data at your disposal to FHIR resources. That is the basis for efficient FHIR-compatible API development

Smart on FHIR

Today, healthcare is oversaturated with relevant apps. While there is nothing wrong in having many solutions that can improve the quality of people’s lives, having them all perform on their own is detrimental. A myriad of unintegrated healthcare apps not connected to EHRs/EMRs, clinical support services, or patients’ wearables is worthless. The SPsoft engineers leverage their SMART of FHIR experience and expertise to the full to make sure our client’s products become duly integrated into the industry’s operational ecosystem. The EHR data needs to travel freely and securely, and there is no better option to ensure that than SMART on FHIR software development.

Epic Integrations

Epic systems are integral to designing and building efficient healthcare solutions. Given the number of Epic-based projects the SPsoft team delivered, our experts could not have failed to have mastered Epic systems through and through. We comprehensively cover our client’s needs in custom Epic solutions development and integrations. Our Epic expertise ranges from custom healthcare integration for Epic systems to Epic-based practice management solutions and Epic integration services for telehealth platforms.

Custom FHIR Profiling

We always opt for a custom approach to FHIR implementation. That is why the SPsoft experts thoroughly analyze the FHIR resources our client will need from both short-term and long-term perspectives. Thus, we design and build personalized FHIR profiles, which help our clients leverage the full potential of FHIR facades and FHIR repositories. While we help choose the best option out of the two above, we establish custom FHIR profiles. That helps our clients achieve better performance.




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