Developing a One-of-a-Kind TeleHealth Solution for Cancer Patients

SPsoft has summoned a dedicated team for developing a revolutionary mobile app for cancer patients with a set of features ranging from day-to-day planning to symptoms tracking, appointments scheduling, information sourcing, and treatment process centralization.


Our client is a progressive US-based healthcare start-up aiming at facilitating the lives for those who have found themselves at the vanguard of fighting the most vicious and hollow of diseases.


United States



Team size:

3 people

Project duration:

May 2021 - Present


Mobile development

Tech stack:

  • Flutter
  • Flutter BLoC
  • Dart
  • Mockito
  • GraphQL
  • Google Maps


Our team has faced a task that was meant to be an ordinary one: develop a cross-platform mobile app from scratch while having the product’s web app in sight. Yet, our experience has taught us to be ready for challenges, especially when nothing seems to envision bumps and bottlenecks in the development process. Our customer’s requirements have been changing along the way, which meant that we had to gauge the development process accordingly on short notice. For example, including Apple Health Kit and Google Fit integrations into the product three days before the MVP launch serves as a vivid example of the level of flexibility we had to reach.

Moving on, the web app’s design, the milestone for designing the mobile version, was fluctuating constantly; the web version’s design has been changed four times, since we took to coding, without any prior notice from the customer. Furthermore, the local notifications feature was a must, as the deadline was pressing, and there was no time for setting a cloud infrastructure for push notifications. Finally, our initial team of a Mobile Lead, Mobile Lead Developer, and Mobile Developer has been working without a QA specialist, as the customer’s initial budget did not foresee hiring a tester. Thus, we had to implement a test-driven approach to make sure the app worked smoothly.

Value Delivered

The flexibility of the development process, which was required by the constantly changing product requirements, has become one of the major value points in this project. In a nutshell, we have created a full-fledged mobile app in less than three months, while dealing with the constantly changing requirements. Nonetheless, an impressive command of communications skills has helped us and our customer work those issues through and build an MVP of a platform for cancer patients capable of simplifying planning, tracking and analyzing symptoms, drugs’ physical and psychological side-effects, finding the information needed, and scheduling the medication refills. 

Infiltrating the Apple’s Health Kit and Google’s Fit on a short notice was a job not done in vain. Even though they were not featured in the product’s MVP, they are going to become an integral part of the product’s full version. The web app’s design issue has been resolved with the help of a fruitful planning session, where we established the Goldilock standard to follow. What is more, harnessing the power of Flutter Local Notifications, Segment, Prismic, and Zendesk, we have rendered the app capable of delivering the functionality initially requested by our customer.

The process

The customer’s early consultations with us started at the end of April 2021, as we have worked through the priorities and the roadmap of the product delivery. In less than a month, on May 10, we took to coding and testing, having devised the Agile sprints in advance. Over the course of the development process, it was more than once that we had to change our schedule drastically, due to the requirements which were not involved in the customer’s preliminary project scope. However, it is our job to deliver constantly and advise where needed. 

As a result, we have prevailed over the bumps on the road we traveled. On August 16, we launched a successful MVP, which met all the legal and market requirements, letting us embark on an in-depth analysis of the steps to take further. It was with the most basic functionality that we ensured the product’s success, as we are now into scaling it with backend specialists and a QA, as we start developing an extensive mobile app, including the product’s marketing campaign. In less than three months, we moved from having no budget for a QA to scaling the team to up to 10 development, design, and QA specialists, which cannot fail to find reflection in our customer’s project’s success.

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