Migrating, Redesigning, and Integrating a Patient-Doctor Platform

The SPsoft team has been involved with redesigning and migrating a healthcare company’s website to ensure higher customer conversion and services convergence through the provision of the requested EHR integrations.


Our customer is one of the leading healthcare facilities landlords in the United States.


United States



Team size:

5 people

Project duration:

2 months


UI/UX Redesign, Platform Migration

Tech stack:

  • React
  • Webflow
  • Netlify
  • Google Optimizer
  • Segment
  • Square
  • AWS


Our customer’s pivotal mission is to accommodate healthcare providers on their physical premises and assist them in finding patients via their website. Written on Webflow, the client’s platform featured scarce customer conversion mechanisms while also missing on the EHR system integrations required for ensuring flawless customer experience.

The SPsoft team has faced the challenge of refactoring the support system for our client’s website, previously supported by separate contractors. There was a need to compile a unified team covering every single aspect of the website’s functionality, with particular attention paid to the platform’s client conversion capabilities. Developing a new UI/UX concept and eventually migrating the website to a new CMS while infusing it with neoteric EHR integration represents the next stage of our journey.

Value Delivered

Having received a redesigned platform with a unified support mechanism, our client has managed to infuse the workload for its tenants-physicians. The patients are now finding the new platform easier to use as all the EHR integrations have been added, and the UI/UX journeys have been stripped of the navigation issues. A comprehensive team with a strong communication policy ensures the platform’s functionality, as we’re planning its migration to a new hosting environment.

The process

Following a period of intense consultations started in February 2021, the SPsoft team has geared up the solutions required for meeting the client’s requirements by the middle of April. SPsoft has gathered a comprehensive team covering every single aspect of the client’s website support and transformation mission. Our full-stack senior developer has analyzed the existing solution and developed a roadmap for reaching the ultimate point of the platform’s tech sophistication.

We have fixed the existing Webflow-based platform, improving its stability and boosting the customer conversion rates by providing the integrations needed. Now, as the new platform is under design, we are working towards creating a unique patient-doctor interaction space featuring a comprehensive package of EHR system integrations, innovative customer-friendly inclusive design, and refined user stories, enabling patients and doctors to find each other swiftly and efficiently.

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