Cloud DevOps Services

Get on the brighter side of processes with our cloud DevOps services. Experience the benefits of migrating to the cloud and gaining data and process independence. Set your architecture right and establish a flexible and scalable system for your business to function within. We will help you do it or we can teach how it’s done, or even check what’s wrong and right with the one you have.

Cloud Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Designing and implementing cost-efficient cloud-based infrastructure on AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure with the help of neoteric and reliable open-source tools that provide scalability, resilience, and reliability.

Cloud Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Cloud Management & Optimization

Cloud management and optimization services that will see your CI/CD practices fixed, cost saved, infrastructure optimized, and configurations tuned. Eradicating performance bottlenecks, ensuring your cloud production environment and infrastructure work right.

Cloud Management & Optimization

Cloud Monitoring, Alerting & Remediation

Designing, developing, and implementing tailor-made infrastructure and application monitoring methodologies. Cost-savvy and efficient monitoring, alerting, and remediation services that detect, report, mitigate, protect, and report.

Cloud Monitoring, Alerting & Remediation

System Reliability Engineering

Infrastructure and application performance analysis leading to the improvement of the client’s SDLC, business processes and workflows. CI/CD configuration, high-load simulation, DDoS protection, data loss prevention, recovery scenarios, auto-scaling.

System Reliability Engineering

Render your operations efficient. We have the theories and practices needed. Schedule a call with an expert.

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Success stories

Product Redesign and Dedicated Team For Psychometric Assessment Platform

SPsoft has performed a complete product re-design and technology stack update for a leading psychometric assessment provider.

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Web and Mobile Apps For Rehabilitation Provider

Having taken over a telehealth platform with extensive tech debt, the SPsoft team has provided R&D services, technology consulting, as well as architecture and infrastructure updates required for refining the product’s functionality.

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An ERP System For the Cannabis-Based Products Distributors

Developing a multitenant supply chain management platform for medical cannabis-based products distributors, empowering efficient supply chain monitoring, purchase, processing, selling, and distribution. A fully adjustable and scalable solution that allows for customizable resources planning and usage of accounting systems.

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Why SPsoft?

Why SPsoft?

Our DevOps offering is not an average one. We place attitude over skills, as we do not even question the mastery of those in our team. We know our tricks.

We Are Swift

Enjoy the benefits of getting your Discovery set within 2 weeks; from there on, we implement the solution within 6 weeks.

We Are Reliable

If things start falling apart we catch them in their fall by responding within 2 hours. Yet, they’re not likely to fall, we break the falls.

We Are Invested

We treat your project as our own, meaning you won’t be waiting for us to move. Try and keep up with us.

We Are Resourceful

No, we don’t have an army of DevOps experts and architects at the ready. We have the best, as we select them hard.

Question It, Don’t Doubt It

Yet, if you still question the need for switching to the cloud, you’re right. As a business person you have to question everything. Nonetheless, don’t you doubt the propriety of migrating to the cloud and tuning your delivery pipeline right.

Save Time.

40% faster operations on all delivery fronts.

Maximize Profits.

63% faster product-to-market routine.

Improve Communication.

53% less time needed for client-vendor communication.

Boost Quality.

35% when it comes to infrastructure improvement.

Stabilize Processes.

25% faster when mitigating issues.

Industries we serve


Advanced, secure, and regulation-compliant software for implementing revolutionary healthcare endeavors.
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Omnichannel retail software to ensure customer-centricity, streamlined processes, and maximized income.
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Designed software solutions for financial innovators and visionaries to keep up with the market demands and forever volatile industry regulations.
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Travel and Hospitality

Software solutions that render traveling convenient and safe in the most turbulent of times.
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Independent Software Vendors

Custom-designed, delivered, and integrated platforms for companies standing at the cross-roads of industries.
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