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Having started our journey in 2017, we’ve aspired to become a trusted tech partner to the world’s leading enterprises and start-ups. We elevate business value with custom end-to-end product design, delivery, and management.


Our customers boast of having SPsoft as their technology partner. It all boils down to the unique approach we take to talent acquisition. We do not have human resources, we have human capital. At SPsoft, every team member is an avid professional ready to bring tangible value to your business.

Trust and Drive

Standalone senior experts are worthless. Doubt it? I've built SPsoft with the best talent in the industry. Yet, I knew I would have to manage them differently. What a bunch of seniors without the right attitude, drive, and management are worth? Nothing. Folks on my team are eager to deliver and not earn. It is all about relationships.

With over 20 years of experience, I know that only rightly guided people can translate efforts into results. Therefore, I manage my team in a way that makes them strive for a greater cause, feeling the passion towards fueling our partners' projects with success. There is no other way, as this is our joint hunt for success. So let's combine forces to multiply and not add what's best in us.


Mike Lazor CEO and Founder


With 20+ years of experience in strategizing and building software solutions for Fortune 500 companies, Mike decided to create a company of his own; the one that would stand out of the crowd of IT vendors with its neoteric vision of customer care.

The growth hacking and digital transformation expert, capable of scaling engineering teams, gauged to foster customers’ rapid business growth. Mike’s ultimate mission is rescuing startups from mediocre vendors and leading them to success.


Andrii Fedan


Andriy Senyk

VP of Strategic Partnership and Business Development

Romaniya Mykyta

Head of Product Management

Volodya Sveredyuk

Head of Backend

Volodymyr Spodaryk

Head of Python Competency

Marta Holdinova

Head of Talent Acquisition

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