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SPsoft is a trusted partner for world’s leading enterprises, top web design companies in California, start-ups and SaaS providers. We elevate businesses’ value through custom end-to-end product development, consultancy, and mentorship services.

MIKE LAZOR - CEO and founder - SPsoft.com

Mike Lazor, CEO and founder

Michael has 20+ years of experience in advising on technology, strategy and delivery of software solutions for Fortune 500 companies. As a CEO and founder of Spline Software and later Delivery Office Head at EPAM, Michael gained a goldmine of experience in growth hacking, digital transformation through technology and scaling IT engineering teams to support the rapid business growth of his customers. He is passionate about rescuing startups from disastrous outsourcers and mediocre local hires and leading them to successful exits.

I believe trust and transparency are the keys. After more than 20 years on the market and seeing a lot of businesses going down due to bad service and conflict of interests between outsourcing vendors and their clients I decided to make a difference.

We form lean, efficient, senior, hybrid teams of experts with a vast variety of skills and teach them to treat our customer’s projects as their own ventures, so we do what is best for our customers, not what is more profitable for us.

Our key goal is our customer’s success.
Our proof we’re doing the right thing is when our customers offer SPSoft their equity or introduce their business friends to us without asking for a commission, so we can take care of them too.

Our key asset is our people, we mentor and develop them to bring more value to the world.
Our proof we’re doing the right thing is when our people stay with us for years, see and believe in the future with us, and bring their friends to apply for our jobs without being paid a referral bonus.

I’m a strong believer in the Force multiplier, so we invite you to join our forces together and make a bigger impact that Matters.


Mike Lazor

Our Core Team

ANDRII - COO - SPsoft.com
Andrii Fedan
ROMAN - Head of Product - SPsoft.com
Roman Myronov
ANDRIY - Head of customer engagement - SPsoft.com
Andriy Senyk
Head of Customer Engagement
Marta Holdinova
Marta Holdinova
Head of Talent Acquisition
ROMANIYA - Head of Product Management - SPsoft.com
Romaniya Mykyta
Head of Product Management
VOLODYA - Head of Backend - SPsoft.com
Volodya Sveredyuk
Head of Backend
Orest Prystayko
Orest Prystayko
Head of Frontend
Volodymyr Spodaryk
Volodymyr Spodaryk
Head of Python Competency