We resolve our customers’ technology bottlenecks. We remain focused on the big picture and searching for a suitable technology strategy for your business.

Our philosophy is not limited to any particular delivery model. We  advise on the best growth strategy, given your unique situation.

Instead of selling services you don’t need, we prefer to nurture the relationship, build trust, and welcome you as a recurring customer. If none of our services suits your business objectives, we’ll recommend  a more suitable vendor.

We want to be your genuine technology and business partner, not a cash vendor.

We do not sell mercenaries.

We provide greater value by advising companies on their tech strategy and guiding them through complex digital transformations.

Our services

A special Build-Integrate-Transfer (BIT) delivery model allows you to get your own remote office. Start with a small team, grow it, integrate with your core resources, and then transfer legal ownership.

Within a year or two in operation, your legally owned subsidiary will be able to function and evolve without a middleman.

Our architecture design and consulting services allow you to work with some of the best software architects in Eastern Europe. Get a comprehensive evaluation of your software infrastructure along with actionable recommendations on cybersecurity, compliance, omni-cloud strategy, backend, and frontend architecture.

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