Why SPsoft

We think these 5+1 values set SPsoft apart from others,
but you will ultimately be the judge of that 🙂

We treat your project as our own business

One of the main benefits of working with SPsoft is that we treat our customer’s projects as our own ventures, so we do what is best for our customers, not what is more profitable for us.

We concentrate on developing working solutions cost-efficiently, so you are able to earn more and get ROI faster. This way we become trusted partners that help your business succeed.

We provide a risk-free start

With us, you don’t need to sign for a long-term commitment with a full-size dedicated team. We start working as a lean, mean, cost-efficient machine and grow the team as needed.

You can cancel up to 1 month if you don’t like the service, free of charge.

We ensure 2x cost-efficiency and 2x shorter time-to-market

We deliver such results thanks to 4 key pillars:
– technologies
– processes
– senior-skilled people (hiring ratio 1/100)
– engagement

Another important aspect of our cost-efficiency and speed is you, dear customer. Yes, YOU! Your maturity and how we guide you is essential and can either bury the above pillars — or empower them.

As a result of this approach, we often deliver a working prototype within the first 1-2 weeks after the start with a new client and build a market-ready MVP in under 4 months.

Example – SPsoft developed an ERP system for a mid-sized clothes manufacturer from scratch. The product development, coupled with legacy data migration was carried out by 1 engineer in 6 months

We scale your business as a trusted partner

Many vendors claim they are technology partners, but is it true? Here are several cases when SPsoft acted as a true partner:

  • Thanks to our guidance and top-quality services, a customer preferred to outsource the CTO role to us vs. continuing with his current CTO
  • SPsoft core team members are invited and act as technology advisors on the boards of our customers
  • We form joint ventures and resell products developed for our customers, so their revenues exceed product development costs
  • Flexible resource management

Example – Switchback health, where we started with 0 retainer costs and charged the customer only for the hours worked on his urgent tasks


Smart prediction based on expertise

Our team members have hundreds of man-years of software development experience combined. We have seen various types of projects multiple times, and usually know the best solution for common challenges right from the start.

We don’t waste time finding out the minute details of specifications. Instead, we often predict the actions we need to take, based on the available input and our expertise — and the customers say, “You nailed it!”

Come visit us in Ukraine and experience reason #6!