Lack of tech leadership

It is often hard to fill in the most critical positions, such as CTO, VP of engineering, and software architects. Lack of tech leadership results in misalignment of startup’s business strategy and its tech capabilities.

Do you need expert advice?

  • Guidance on your tech strategy and vision
  • Appropriate supervision during the development stage

Slow time to market

Fast and efficient development is instrumental in building successful products that resonate with target audiences and hit the market on time. However, efficient development is hindered by the lack of talent and challenges of retaining senior resources.

Do you face a resource availability challenge that is holding you back?

  • Cloud experts. Cloud services have become a mainstream technology, but cloud specialists and devops are still scarce.
  • Frontend architects. The market is short on experts who create engaging reactive web interfaces.
  • Senior software engineers. Top backend engineers and architects  are hard to recruit in markets like the United States, UK, Germany, Denmark, and many more.

What if you had a single partner that can solve both issues?

Our problem-solving value proposition lets you tackle these challenges simultaneously:

Make sure you move in the right direction:

  • Architecture design and audit. We help you align your business goals with the best and the most cost-efficient technology. We make sure you have an appropriate software architecture in place.
  • CTO/architect as a service. Once your products are in development, some of the best software architects in Eastern Europe act as your advocates making sure the tech strategy is followed through.

Slash your time to market:

  • Let us help you choose the right architecture design to minimize product development friction and falling back when your business scales.
  • Face your users with state-of-the-art reactive user experience.
  • Ramp up dedicated development team to help you handle even the most challenging product development roadmap.

Start small with our architecture assessment and design. During this high-value project with a fixed price tag you get a chance to test our capabilities without a long-term commitment from your side.

When satisfied with the first results, let us bring you more value. Choose a delivery model that best addresses your current challenges. For instance, move forward with a dedicated development team with possible buyout option (as we discuss here).

Let’s make sure you have the right software infrastructure in place as well as the most efficient and cost-effective product development.

Tell us more about our issues, so that we can cut your time to market: