Salesforce Consulting Services

Customize and integrate Salesforce into your workflows to make employees up to 3 times more efficient.


Salesforce integrations and implementations help eliminate common productivity pains:

  1. Your team members have to login to multiple systems to set up their workflow.
  2. They lose huge amounts of time merely scrambling disconnected bits of data between several apps. They have to manually merge these fragmented bits into a single dataset.
  3. The team needs to constantly switch between CRM and other apps and fill in the same fields over and over again.

You can integrate various apps into a homogeneous ecosystem where each app works in sync with the Salesforce CRM.

There are various ways you can incorporate Salesforce into your workflows. The particular implementation strategy largely depends on your use cases and business needs.

Here are the most common Salesforce implementation strategies:

  • Salesforce customization
  • Salesforce integrations
  • Salesforce custom app development

Keeping all necessary data in one place greatly improves team productivity, operational consistency, and the overall quality of work.


Salesforce products allow deep integrations with virtually any software. We integrate the Salesforce Platform with social media apps, task management solutions, document management systems, file storages, external cloud services, and many additional applications.

Salesforce offers four layers of integrations depending on your business needs and requirements:

  • Data
  • Business Logic
  • Presentation
  • Security

Our team has extensive experience in all four type of integrations. Additionally, we are equally experienced with Salesforce customizations and Salesforce app development.

SPsoft helps companies determine the type of Salesforce implementation that best fits their unique business needs.

Joshua testimonial - SPsoft
Joshua B.
Project Manager

SPsoft showed great work ethic and willingness to go an extra mile to ensure quality and timely delivery. They are genuine experts in Salesforce development and configuration with great attention to detail. We’ve worked with them on a number of projects and I can safely say their team combines a deep understanding of the SF platform with experience in various industries.


SPsoft implements one-way and two way integrations of Salesforce CRM with a multitude of third-party applications:

  • Task management software (Jira, Trello, Google Keep, Asana, etc.)
  • Payment solutions (PayPal, Stripe, Venmo, Payoneer, etc.)
  • Document management apps (Templafy, Docuware, etc.)
  • Cloud storages (Google Drive, Dropbox, pCloud, etc.)
  • Social platforms (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Maps (Google Maps, etc.)
  • Virtually any other software you have in mind

We also provide consulting services and custom app development for Salesforce Platform.

Our engineers implement an Error Remediation Portal (ERP) on the CRM side when there is a need to sync accounts data, opportunity objects, or any other data between CRM and an external app.

An ERP helps a Salesforce Administrator to easily track and monitor synced data.

SPsoft will help you integrate Salesforce with other applications, improving your workflows and making your team members more productive.

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