Get your own subsidiary

Our Build-Integrate-Transfer delivery model lets you start with an offshore development team and convert it into your own engaged subsidiary. Avoiding the risks of outsourcing mercenaries who rotate and don’t care.

Growth is all about speed and agility.

Fast and efficient product development is crucial if you want to outgun the competition and dominate your market. You also need to expand your team quickly to accommodate that growth.

Do you see the problem?

Acquiring the top tech talent in highly competitive markets gets extremely expensive and challenging.

Tech talent availability is a major concern In the US and the UK. The average Time to Start is four to six months, so adding quality resources often gets prohibitively slow.

No wonder tech companies consider development outsourcing. For instance, Ukraine’s outsourcing market allows closing most tech positions twice faster than in the US.

Offshore development - median time to start for senior developers

Also, offshore developers are commonly two times cheaper than an in-house dev team with the same skill set:

Offshore development - median salary for senior developers

However, these numbers won’t tell you the whole story.

The vendor controls a dedicated development team, not you. Lack of control from your side brings some massive drawbacks:

  1. Lack advocates of your business goals on the vendor side who drive the rest of the team day in day out.
  2. High employee turnover rates on vendor’s side (including key players).
  3. Lack of understanding of your business goals, values, and work culture.

These factors often result in low productivity and increase the chances of cooperation failure.

So very often you get unmotivated outsourced developers who come and go. They neither share your vision nor care about your business results following “sit back and chill” attitude when you are on fire.

You end up with long development cycles and a product that gets harder to maintain with every deploy.

Instead of saving time and money, you end up wasting both.

So we realized cost savings are meaningless if they come with the side effects mentioned above.

Alternatives of offshore development outsourcing

What if you could have the following instead?

Reward the best performers with long-term incentives like stock options and promote key offshore people within your organization to let them drive the rest of the team.


Get full control over the team’s performance at a cheaper price compared to a classic offshore development team.

Scale a team with people who share your business goals, values, and work culture.

Build-Integrate-Transfer (BIT) is a delivery model that goes beyond classic software development outsource.

Kevin Dawson
IT Security Company

We had trouble hiring locally, so decided to try IT outsourcing to Ukraine. The BIT model looked promising, as we wanted to try the dedicated team and then transfer the top remote people to own team. Spsoft built a secure parallel facility to manage requests and escalation after hours. Employee attrition for overnight shifts has virtually disappeared and the quality of service has increased. Spsoft is responsive, trustworthy, and communicative.

Take over and legally own an offshore development center, instead of continuously buying your team extension services. SPsoft team manages the whole process and softly guides you through its stages.

Get exactly what you pay for: a skilled team that cares about your business results, just as much as you do.

Use the team transfer option to turn your remote team into your official Ukrainian subsidiary whenever you are ready.

Outsource development with small scale project

You can further mitigate the risks of the cold start with our architecture design and consulting services. We let you try our high-value service with low risk and low cost.

It is a short-term project that lets you assess your software architecture and infrastructure to define the delivery model for a future offshore development team.

If you want to escape the risks and challenges of running your offshore subsidiary, you can also keep an outsourced dedicated development center. You will always have an option to buy it out at any time.

Let’s save you a BIT of time…

and money.

Align an offshore development team with your business KPIs and long-term goals. BIT delivery model helps you quickly add offshore developers who share your philosophy and transfer the best performer to your own team.

Interested? Tell us more about your pains.

You know what to do:

Why BIT works?

Right at the hiring stage, we identify people with the right mindset.

An offshore developer who is used to working in dedicated development teams in classic outsourcing companies in Europe is not always suitable for your own subsidiary.

We look for people with end-customer orientation, entrepreneurial mindset, startup spirit, ambition, energy, and vision to dream bigger and give more to achieve more.

That’s why we put so much emphasis on selecting the right people. We also foster the mindset shift to make every developer a crucial part of your organization.

BIT takes the stress out of product development…
bit by bit.

Focus more on other critical aspects of your growth strategy, while our experts help you resolve the technology bottlenecks and scale your technology capacity.

Here’s how BIT compares to opening an offshore subsidiary on your own (DIY approach) and outstaffing (classic outsourced software development):

Key Issues DYI Outsourcing/ outstaffing Build – Integrate – Transfer
Description Open an offshore office on your own Find an outstaffing vendor and build a dedicated development team Get your own office in Ukraine and mitigate typical staffing and outsourcing risks
Cold start risk High Low Low
Initial investment High Mid Mid
Team engagement and productivity High Mid High
Dependency on the vendor None High Low
Influence on attrition High Low High
Capital Value (expertise, knowledge holders) High Low High
Code quality degradation risk Low High Low
KPIs Max productivity
Business results
Max team size
Max client dependency
Max productivity
Client’s business results
Cost 3y/5y High/Low High/High Mid/Low
Loss of code knowledge None Mid None
Employee turnover rate Low High Low
Team long-term incentives High None High

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