Dedicated engineering teams

We help you build and manage all-star teams made up of only the top 1% of market talent. We develop sophisticated, custom tests for each position and only choose the top talents for every role. This helps us deliver exquisite solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Why working with dedicated teams from SPsoft benefits your business

Reduce development costs

You could save up to 50% on development costs compared with recruiting in-house

Accelerate time-to-market

With a dedicated engineering team integrated into your core resource, you’ll get your product to market faster

Focus on your core business

We’ll handle even the most complex software development needs, so you can focus on the core business activities

Quickly expand your team

We’ll help you quickly scale up with the best IT talents to meet your goals

Reduce development risks

We select talents of the highest caliber, giving you an extra layer of expertise to secure your success

Get tech expertise you need

Boost your capacity with an expertise that’s missing from your existing in-house resource

Interaction Options

Team Extension

Direct interaction with a development team

Scale your in-house team with best technical talent that works in line with your company culture and business goals

Managed team

A dedicated project manager as one point of contact

Focus on your core business instead of being involved in development and team management routine

How we form dedicated teams for you


Gathering requirements

We discuss the tech stack and team structure needed for the project, along with other project-specific requests and requirements


Talent selection

Instead of reading through heaps of resumes, we use psychometric assessments to select the best fit for every role


Team integration

We quickly adopt your team culture and tools and help your in-house staff with the uptake of the process and behavioral change



SPsoft delivery framework is consistent, predictable and transparent. It combines Agile methodologies, experience and robust security standards, and always gives you full visibility into our workflow.

SPsoft value proposition

4-12 weeks ramp-up time

15 person recruitment team ensures top candidate sourcing quality and speed

Advice on the team structure that is best for the client’s business

Engineering team alignment with the client’s team and business needs

Assuring team key metrics: engagement, productivity and retention

Proven track record with a 5-stars rating from 100% of our clients, references available via video calls with clients

What can your dedicated team do

  • Existing product management and updates
  • Software engineering based on a specific tech stack
  • Native and hybrid mobile app development
  • Blockchain development
  • Data analytics and modeling
  • Data Science and ML
  • Cloud management and DevOps
  • Cybersecurity & Cloud security
  • UX/UI design
  • Manual and automated testing and QA

What our clients say

SPsoft client testimonials - Kevin-Dawson
Kevin D.
IT Security Company

We had trouble hiring locally, so decided to try IT outsourcing to Ukraine. The BIT model looked promising, as we wanted to try the dedicated team and then transfer the top remote people to own team. Spsoft built a secure parallel facility to manage requests and escalation after hours. Employee attrition for overnight shifts has virtually disappeared and the quality of service has increased. Spsoft is responsive, trustworthy, and communicative.

David - Product transition and extension for sales automation platform -
David G.

We couldn’t be happier with our decision to partner with SPSoft as software development provider. We were under a very tight deadline to transition our entire development effort from another provider. SPSoft provided an expert group that made the transition as seamless as possible. I highly recommend Michael and the team

SPsoft client testimonials - George
George P.

We didn’t want to simply outsource developers, so the Build-Integrate-Transfer model was the perfect option for us. They’re like an extension of our company for anyone involved. We’ve been working with them for the past five years, so everyone’s on a first name basis. […]. There are no surprises: they say what they’re going to do, they do what they say, and nobody disappears.

SPsoft client testimonials - Andrew
Andrew S.
Product Manager

We had an offshore development center at Spsoft. The dedicated development team built a custom ecommerce shop with the Magento platform and carried out CRM integrations. The system was functional and earned positive feedback from the key stakeholders. The team went above and beyond to deliver effective QA and quality product.


I had trouble finding the right software architects for backend and frontend. The vendors I’ve contacted kept pushing developers with little experience in architecture design. Conversely, SPsoft realized what I really needed and quickly hired great architects. The project kicked off in just a month after our first call. The delivery was equally splendid: proper and clear communication, deep knowledge, amazing expertize, professional execution, and timely delivery. Now the team grew to four people, and we are really looking forward to doing more business together.

Success stories

Dedicated Team For a Canadian Cybersecurity Provider
Dedicated Software Architects For An Online Certification Platform