Dedicated development team

Add a dedicated development team of some of the best developers in Eastern Europe. Stretch your tech capabilities with Ukrainian developers.

Every company is a software company nowadays.

Strong demand for tech experts creates a vast talent shortage across the globe. Labor costs for software developers are on the rise while hiring gets ever more challenging.

Are you familiar with any of these issues?

The core development team is overloaded

Local tech hires are utterly expensive

The right talent is tough to acquire

Recruitment cycles for senior positions are insanely long

Product development is increasingly hard to scale

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, your product development gets torn apart by two opposing forces: you need to continuously scale development and keep labor costs under control at the same time.

Scarcely available talents in overheated tech markets limit the agility and flexibility of your business.

Developing everything in-house with only local hires creates a substantial bottleneck.

What if you could:

  • Close the gaps in your capabilities by offloading non-core development onto an extended team?
  • Cut labor costs with Eastern European developers (usually twice cheaper than those in San Francisco, New York, or London)?
  • Find rare tech talents (the gems) away from the high-cost technology centers?
  • Scale development and grow your competent team quickly?
  • Decrease Time to Start by acquiring software engineers twice faster than on your local market?
George Parkinson
Microtherapy Inc.

We didn’t want to simply outsource developers, so the Build-Integrate-Transfer model was the perfect option for us. They’re like an extension of our company, for anyone involved. We’ve been working with them for five years, so everyone’s on a first name basis. […]. There are no surprises: they say what they’re going to do, they do what they say, and nobody disappears.

Andrew Stone
Product Manager

We had an offshore development center at Spsoft. The dedicated development team built a custom ecommerce shop with Magento platform and carried out CRM integrations. The system was functional and earned positive feedback from the key stakeholders. The team went above and beyond to deliver effective QA and quality product.

Henry Chung
VP of Business Development

Spsoft created an ecommerce shop for online dispensary and focus groups responded positively to the POC site and provided constructive feedback on the brand positioning. Based on their comments, offshore software developers from Spsoft created a new strategy for the final site. Their responsiveness and technical expertise set them up for continued engagement.

The right software development team in Ukraine

We help companies quickly set up a dedicated development team in Eastern Europe and acquire top quality talent in weeks, not years.

Dedicated development team allows you to:

Tap into a huge talent pool

Boost your tech capabilities with a remote dedicated development team in Eastern Europe


Set up your team fast

Assemble a skilled offshore team of up to ten people in just ten weeks.

Acquire the best talent

We help you hire the best Ukrainian software developers available on the market and closely align them with your business goals.

Enjoy a personal touch

A dedicated customer success and delivery manager is responsible for the delivery quality on our side. We understand the need for continuous communication.

The administration’s on us

We handle all administrative activities like recruitment, HR, payroll, managed infrastructure, and other non-core processes with full transparency and reporting.

Team motivation’s on us

Our in-house motivational framework helps to keep your team together, happy and motivated. We quickly align developers in Ukraine with your core team and retain the best performers.

Ukraine’s best developers at your service

SPsoft helps tech and non-tech companies find the right growth strategy for the technology side of their businesses.

Be it a dedicated software development team in Ukraine, our custom BIT (Build-Integrate-Transfer) delivery model, or software architecture design and consulting services – we’ll advise you on the best option given your unique setting.

Let’s find the right remedy for your business and software development pains with developers in Ukraine.

We’ve got Ukrainian developers ready to solve your pains. Tell us more about your situation: