Your competitors are investing heavily in cloud software infrastructure. Are you falling behind? Let’s see why you should consider the cloud, what you can achieve with this technology, and how we can help you benefit from it.

Why consider cloud computing?

This technology extends the scalability and availability of software solutions and services.

Given the right application, cloud computing makes your software faster, more efficient, and cheaper, all at the same time.

Cloud is a tool, and before using it to fix something, you need to understand whether “something” is actually broken. Are your technological capabilities lagging behind your competitors  and do you think cloud development outsourcing can help?

Let’s check. We usually look for the following warning signs:

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If you experience one or several of these issues, cloud computing might be the right answer to your pains. Here’s what you can do with this technology to resolve your software architecture and infrastructure bottlenecks.

What can you improve with cloud computing?

Cloud computing addresses all of the software development bottlenecks mentioned above. Proper cloud strategy cuts software infrastructure costs and boosts the availability of your services.

Depending on your current cloud computing capabilities, there are three strategies to follow:

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Cloud has already become a mainstream technology that fits virtually any domain. The most complex and highly regulated industries adopt cloud computing on a large scale.

Are you satisfied with your current cloud utilization?

Here’s how SPsoft helps companies take advantage of the cloud-based software development strategies mentioned above.

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Working with SPsoft significantly decreased the cost of our solution. Moving everything to the cloud has given us unique advantages and cost savings. They delivered a cloud-based solution that revolutionized scalability and fostered better higher returns. Using the Agile methodology, they organized the project seamlessly and rapidly delivered.

How to choose cloud application development services?

SPsoft is a cloud development company that helps you define a proper cloud strategy and optimize any existing cloud architecture given your unique business needs.

We help you set up appropriate IT-related services such as release management (DevOps), availability management (SRE), and security management.

Our team creates a software development roadmap and helps you implement cloud-based services as required. We make sure your cloud architecture is compliant with all existing regulations in your industry.

Here’s the workflow we follow with cloud architecture and design:

Process of cloud application development companies - SPsoft

Explore (Assess, Evaluate, and Define)

We assess/evaluate your IT services to find and isolate the most critical bottlenecks:

  • Understand business drivers and needs
  • Use Gap Analysis to isolate technology bottlenecks and pitfalls
  • Create a roadmap according to cloud-based development needs
  • Determine a proper organizational structure to deal with issues
  • Define proper management approaches and techniques
  • Identify proper IT operations strategies
  • Conduct an Initial platform/solution planning


  • Improve service availability and IT system resiliency
  • Improve or set up product security and BCDR
  • Soften product delivery bottlenecks
  • Improve quality control of code and applications
  • Mitigate management bottlenecks


  • Design a solution from scratch or based on assessment/evaluation results
  • Develop and build an efficient solution based on SaaS providers
  • Set up and maintain cost-effective environments (development, stage, live)
  • Create a secure, resilient ecosystem according to business requirements


  • Optimize usage of resources
  • A continuous deployment of cloud-based solutions for business
  • System resiliency and availability of at least 99.9%

SPsoft is a cloud software development company that helps businesses utilize this technology to its full potential.

We are among the top boutique cloud development companies when it comes to software architecture design and cloud application development services.

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