A service desk for a POS digital platform

Team size:
7 people

Goals and challenges

Our customer’s product is a digital content management platform for in-store terminals at retail outlets. The company faced several challenges regarding its digital platform, including:

  • Complex software infrastructure
  • Incomplete and inconsistent product documentation
  • Poor process automation

These challenges led to severe disruptions in platform’s operation at the end-points. Therefore, our customer required a trusted vendor to help them resolve these issues and substantially decrease incident resolution time.

The Solution

We worked closely with the customer’s core team to set up processes and procedures that would dramatically improve customer service.

First of all, we introduced a 24/7 service desk for around the clock service of hundreds of in-store installations of its product. SPsoft assembled a team of seven people who worked in shifts resolving issues with the products and escalating core problems with the product.

Our team was gathering end-users’ feedback helping the customer’s development team identify and address the most critical issues with software infrastructure.

Key achievements

  • Set up 24/7 service desk to support hundreds of in-store product installations.
  • Managed the process of scripts creation based on needs analysis.
  • Structured, updated and expanded the knowledge base.
  • Created onboarding instructions for third-party partners.
  • Set up control processes of adjacent activities.
  • Created incident escalation criteria.
  • Indicated incident resolution steps.
  • Set up own approach to services delivery.

Value we delivered

Our service desk team set up a 24/7 service desk, as well s processes and procedures necessary for timely incident resolution and better platform operation.

For instance, SPsoft team created an incident escalation and reporting system for the customer’s product. We also worked closely with the customer’s core development team to improve product’s software architecture and, consequently, to decrease the number of incidents reported by end users.

Here are the key achievements of our team:

  • Average incident resolution time decreased by 25%
  • The amount of daily affected units dropped by 40%
  • Client-reported incidents were down by 20%

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