Senior WordPress Engineer

Client and project description

Our client, a Hong Kong based company that owns various web portals and online shops, looking for a senior PHP developer with strong programming skills and extensive experience in creating, deploying and maintaining well-developed, extremely fast WordPress web projects.

For example, one of the new projects is to develop a portal – searchable wallpaper database with content uploaded by users and scraped from the internet.

Required skills and experience

  • 5+ years of successful commercial experience;
  • Strong knowledge of PHP/ WordPress. Ability to write high-performance, reusable code;
  • Excellent knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap;
  • Experience in creating new themes, custom category tree, etc.
  • Understand how to control memory usage in WordPress;
  • Experience in user-generated content in WordPress;
  • Expert-level knowledge of responsive web design;
  • Familiarity with SEO best practices;
  • Knowledge in GraphQL, AWS, Docker is a plus;
  • Excellent verbal and written English communication skills;
  • Ability to work autonomously;
  • A self-starter with minimal supervision;

Duties and responsibilities

  • Be a super performer during the first month after start;
  • Scale to the 3-ppl team and lead this team;
  • Defining strategy of task distribution to ensure high velocity and optimal team load;
  • Be responsible for structuring customer requirements into tasks for developers;
  • Risk estimations and management;
  • Ensure the quality of deliverables for the team;
  • Produce efficient, maintainable and reusable code;
  • Optimize performance for both server-side and client-side;
  • Fine-tune web vitals (LCP, FCP, CLS);
  • Control load ads by using Intersection Observer API;
  • Design the layout and optimization of responsive HTML/CSS layouts;
  • Direct communication with the customer team in English;
  • Be proactive, preventing possible problems and resolving any ambiguities;
  • Be responsible for the Client success in terms of delivery;

What's in it for you

  • Additional monthly bonus which depends on the number of billable subordinates;

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