Senior Front-End Developer

Client and project description

The customer, Miami based client, – an online service designed to simplify the access to public services for a broad audience of the users. The proprietary algorithms help to avoid mistakes when filling out forms and improve the experience of cooperation with government representatives.

About SPsoft

We offer values and opportunities you won’t find elsewhere:

  • Dynamic, flexible, hungry. Be in touch with the CEO, not lost in your company’s bureaucracy.
  • Learn and benefit from taking as much responsibility as you can handle.
  • Join customer’s core team, contribute, co-design and co-own the product roadmap instead of simply being told what to have to code.
  • Grow from an engineer to our company’s key business driver.
  • Seal a competitive salary above market average.
  • Enjoy equal growth opportunities for everyone.
  • And more, assuming you can drive, own, and commit.

SPsoft follows a “work hard – party harder” philosophy. You can learn more about the “work hard” part during a face-to-face meeting, and take a glimpse at the “party harder” part means for our CEO.


  • Build projects from scratch. Creating architecture. Building team for new projects.;
  • Participate in Startup development planning with clients and CEO;
  • Leading junior, middle and often senior developers in order to build strong, robust team;
  • Planning Weekly Sprints with Project Managers and Clients;
  • Code review. Responsibility for code quality;


  • Strong knowledge of Javascript Language (ES6+);
  • 1,5+ year real commercial experience with React.js. Understanding what are hooks and how to work with them;
  • Familiarity withjs patterns (Higher Order Components, Render Props, Controlled Components, React 16 Context API, Compound Components, Portals, Fragments, Error Boundaries);
  • Experience with server side rendering for React applications;
  • Familiarity with at least one of Node.js Server frameworks: Express, Koa, Hapi;
  • Strong knowledge of SASS and CSS-in-JS approaches to build CSS;
  • In-depth knowledge of web-pages development with HTML and CSS;
  • Strong knowledge of build and compile tools: Webpack, ESLint, Babel;
  • Understanding Agile software development process;
  • Ability to lead 1-2 junior/mid developers in team;
  • Intermediate or higher written and spoken English;
  • Critical thinker and problem-solving skills;

Will be a plus

  • Knowledge of Angular or Vue Javascript framework;
  • Knowledge of CSS pre/post processors and frameworks: PostCSS, Material UI, Bulma, Tailwind;
  • Understanding how to work with databases via Node.js;
  • Familiarity with tips and tricks for improving UX on web pages;

Our benefits:

Work: get guidance and support from day one. Set up goals, develop your skills, and get feedback.

Grow: grow your responsibilities, get promotions and pay rises.

Evolve: visit the conference, courses, and training of your choice sponsored by the company. Evolve your tech, business, and people skills. Learn to think products and solving problems first, not merely reporting time and writing code.

Learn: get access to our extensive knowledge base and work alongside some of the best experts in the industry.

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