Senior Flutter/Dart2 Developer

The position is closed already, but you can apply if you are interested in a similar position and we will contact you soon.

About project

We are currently looking for a skilled Flutter/Dart2 mobile app developer to complete the client’s team.

Our client – well funded FinTech company who applies blockchain technology and machine learning to create access to new digital currencies and transform any currency as we send it. Digital Asset Traders, Savvy Investors and those that are simply Financially Curious all have the same opportunity to build their unique digital wallet.


  • 5+ years of commercial experience in mobile app development
  • Strong experience in building complex and business logic heavy Flutter  applications
  • Solid understanding of architecture patterns: MVI, MVC
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills
  • High level of self-organization
  • Knowledge of iOS and Android platforms API & limitations
  • Experience of Kotlin and Swift will be a plus


  • Implementing application UI widgets, theming and working with state management primitives
  • Specific OS API`s  (android, iOS) integrations through the channels or using cross-platform Dart2 code
  • Making sure code has a good test coverage and modules done using maintainability and testability in mind

About SPsoft

When you join SPSoft:

  • You will participate in pre-sales calls and help SPsoft ramp up new clients using a similar stack in the future, which is a great experience.
  • You will report to, be mentored by and will communicate directly with our project leadership team. And believe us, your life will never be the same again!
  • We turn our engineers into half-product managers/half tech problem solvers who know and do what’s best for the client’s business, not just coding what the client says.

Forget the „ГАЛЄРИ”, box type of thinking and the small perks offered to keep you satisfied. With SPsoft you have a chance to mature for real, not just tech-wise. Bring more value, solve bigger problems and make more money eventually. You’ll actually be trained by our leadership team and our clients. You will have a chance to make it into SPSoft core team and that’s a whole new level!

You can watch our growth from a safe distance or join early, contribute and share the success WITH US!

If you can’t find the meaning in what you’re doing, don’t know where you’re going in the long run, feel like you do not evolve, or like nobody cares about you, or think you’re wasting your time — come and win the competition for this job! Team up with us and our clients to make the world a better and more convenient place to live! Start making a difference!