A Salesforce app that displays social media metrics for articles

Tech stack:
Visualforce, Apex, Salesforce CRM

Goals and challenges

A customer requested a Lightning app that integrates its custom application with Salesforce CRM.

The customer’s application tracks how well articles perform on social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. It aggregates metrics (likes, share, and comments) for each content piece and visualizes the data as charts. A customer needed to view these charts in Salesforce without the need to switch between the CRM and an external application.

Salesforce integration with social media - SPsoft

The Solution

We built a configurable Lightning Application that integrates Salesforce CRM with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. The Salesforce app allows a user to view stats on the most recent articles that mention companies he or she follows on social media.

The Lightning Application displays a short description along with the count of likes, shares and comments for each article. A user can also see these stats as charts.


  • The “Follow” functionality allows viewing the most recent posts about selected companies as well as charts on each company’s recent activities.
  • A Media Insight Lightning component displays recent news related to selected companies as well as the number of likes, shares, and comments for each article.
  • An Account Social Insight Lightning component displays the most recent posts for companies followed by the user.
  • An in-built authorization to Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.
  • The app displays the list of files related to each selected company. Every document can be downloaded or viewed in a separate tab.

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Value we delivered

In a very short period of time, SPsoft delivered a Salesforce Lightning Application with specified requirements. We implemented an in-built authorization for social media platforms, and all desired functionality within the Lightning app. That way users never need to switch between Salesforce and an external application, as the required functionality is already available in Salesforce.

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