A Salesforce app that integrates CRM with Google Drive

Tech stack:
Visualforce, Apex, Salesforce CRM

Goals and challenges

Our customer needed to integrate Salesforce CRM with Google Drive. The idea was to allow Salesforce users to drag & drop files to Lead, Account, Opportunity, or any other Salesforce object, so that each file also appeared in a related Google Drive folder.

The integration would also allow users to open each file in a separate tab within Salesforce, download it, and remove it from the record. The customer need the application that is compatible with Salesforce Lightning and Classic, and they planned to publish the app at the AppExchange.

Salesforce integration with Google Drive - SPsoft

The Solution

Our team developed a Salesforce app that supports all common file types. It consists of the Settings page, the Lightning component, and the Classic Visualforce component:

  • The Settings page allows linking Google Drive and Salesforce CRM accounts. The user can also select objects, for which he or she wants to create Google Drive folders.
  • User can drag & drop files to any object, click, review, download, and remove documents. When a user drops a file to a Salesforce object Lightning component, file shows up in the Google Drive folder almost instantly.
  • We developed an application that is compatible with Salesforce Lightning and Classic.

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Value we delivered

SPsoft delivered a Salesforce application that met customer’s expectations. The app integrates Salesforce CRM with Google Drive and allows sharing files between the two systems. Our engineers made the application compatible with the Salesforce Classic and Lightning views.

We also helped the customer pass a Salesforce security review and get published on the AppExchange.

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