Product Redesign and Dedicated Team For Psychometric Assessment Platform

SPsoft has performed a complete product re-design and functionality update for the leading psychometric assessments provider.


The client is a UK-based provider of psychometric assessment software for global corporations. Their products are used for evaluating the potential of companies’ workforces or applicants and finding the best fit for every job position. They also provide 360-review capability.

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Industry: Psychometric assessments/HR
  • Team size: 5 people
  • Services: Business analysis, Product management, UI/UX, Cloud architecture design, DevOps, Front-end development, Back-end development, Quality assurance
  • Tech stack: React, Redux, redux-thunk, styled-components, Webpack, .Net, Azure
  • Project duration: 2019 – ongoing

Delivered value

SPsoft completely redesigned the customer’s product in a very short time. This helped to solve the client’s core business challenges, it also assisted in preserving existing, and attracting new distributors and clients. This resulted in a 25% revenue growth over a 6 month period thanks to a new and more competitive version of the product.


As the previous product version was developed with Flash technology, the customer had to replace it with HTML5 before the end of Flash technology support by Adobe, which is due in 2021. Besides transitioning from Flash to HTML5, this project had some extra challenges:

  • The client was under a tight timeline to update his product due to unfair competition with their previous product development team
  • It was not possible to rewrite the backend architecture in such a short time
  • Inconsistent product information architecture
  • Problems with the platform’s outdated and non-user-friendly UI/UX
  • An existing user base accustomed to an old product version UX

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The process

Close collaboration with the client helped the team to quickly understand the product and its needs. SPsoft defined the product’s key features, identified the main problems, and provided a multi-phased solution roadmap.

In just under seven days, SPsoft provided the client with an interactive web-based prototype. It contained core functionality and updated UI/UX. To speed up the development process, the team used the existing back-end.

After the prototype was approved by the client, SPsoft started the MVP development. In 6 weeks, the team delivered the first demo, which helped the client retain his distribution partners and show them the progress with the upcoming HTML-based version of the new product. During the next 10 weeks, SPsoft finished the MVP and moved to the next project phase — implementation of the full scope of the previous product + extra capabilities.

Now, the team worked on finishing the full-scope product. SPsoft continues to improve its performance, add new features, and support the client’s marketing team with their brand development.

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