MVP Development and Dedicated Team For Music Tech Startup

Team size:
5 people
Tech stack:
Ruby on Rails, RSpec, Sidekiq, PostgreSQL, Redis, Javascript ES2018, ReactJS, NextJS, Node, GraphQL, JSS, Facebook API

Goals and challenges

Our client, a startup from the Bay area, US, wanted to create a dashboard for musicians and small recording studios to organize sales, social media activities and streaming services activities and launch a private beta for a chosen handful of artists, managers, and agencies.

In this closed-loop ecosystem for an artist’s data, the artist and members of his/her team will be able to not only schedule and post content to Facebook, but will also be able to analyze campaign performance as it relates to organic stats. This knowledge will supercharge their ability to refine strategies and stretch every dollar spent on marketing.

Product development and integrations for marketing platform for musicians -
Jeremy - Product development and integrations for marketing platform for musicians -
Jeremy V.
Founder & CEO

You and your team have been so fantastic throughout our MVP development in your work, commitment to the project, creativity, communication, and hospitality especially last week!! I’m 100% happy/impressed by how fast the team has been working and by the look and functionality of the MVP to-date. It’s also great to see that you’re personally keeping an eye on team velocity and are able to make changes so quickly Michael. Very impressive! …

The solution

We have defined our own approach to effectively develop MVP products, which consists of the following phases:

Requirements definition phase: user stories with acceptance criteria for core functionality at a high level. Functionality prioritized based on its importance.

Solution architecture design and tech stack definition phase: solution architecture diagrams, frameworks selection, technical stack proposed for the solution based on requirements and solution design.

“Must have” scope estimate phase: effort and core professionals required to deliver MVP “Must have” scope functionality. Team members’ profile’s requirements.

Ramp up – build a team: set up a team with specific skills and capacity for the project needs.

Development phase: complete functionality as per acceptance criteria, product roadmap items, known issues list.

Stabilization phase: top-priority improvement implementation and high-priority bug fixes.

Key points

  • In 3 weeks, SPSoft has composed a team that consisted of 2 senior frontend engineers, 1 senior backend engineer, 1 QA and 1 PM
  • Assigned two of our best software architects to supervise the process of building a proper frontend and backend architecture of the project and the quality of implementation by developers
  • Solicited feedback from the founder of Soundcloud for product integration

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Value we delivered

Spsoft has helped scope the app and worked on the prototype to release the first working version. After MVP has been tested by its first users, our team started working on the full version of the app and now moving through the production phase to deployment and support.

In addition to the MVP features, the full product will incorporate advanced data analytics processing and provide user-specific, tailored recommendations; project management; a chatbot digital assistant to facilitate a lean-back user experience; enterprise solutions designed for teams of all sizes, which will include features like permission roles, project management, and catalog analytics for multiple artist profiles.

Spsoft has handled front-end and back-end development, as well as participate in graphical and UI design.