Microtherapy: An analytical engine for advertisers in Canada

Advertising, Analytics
Team size:
10 people
Tech stack:

Goals and challenges

Microtherapy is Canada’s leading developer of radio audience analysis software for radio stations, advertising agencies, and media buyers. They develop solutions for rating analysis, sales proposals, invoicing, and radio advertising. The company’s main product, RADIUS, is a desktop-based solution which functions as a number grinder.   

Microtherapy needed help renovating their existing systems that were built with Component Object Model and Visual Basic 6. Our task was to rebuild the systems with .NET. We also helped to migrate part of the architecture to Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

Microtherapy case study SPsoft - Radius screenshot

The Solution

SPsoft assembled a dedicated development team to reverse-engineer and rebuild Microtherapy’s software from scratch. We developed an .NET solution from the ground up and participated in designing user interfaces.

Our experts also added new features, improved the software’s speed and accuracy. In addition, we made it compatible with various traffic systems and accounting software.

Microtherapy’s legacy system has been a Canadian industry standard for decades, but we’ve managed to take it to a whole new level in terms of performance and flexibility.

Though the solution architecture is complex, we managed to create a powerful and flexible calculation engine that is simple to operate by the end users.

“The system involves a lot of heavy math, and the way they’ve structured our calculation engine is incredible.”

George Parkinson, President of Microtherapy, Inc.

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Value we delivered

For the last five years, SPsoft has been the only development partner of Microtherapy.

Microtherapy’s management was happy with the team’s performance, so they used the “Transfer” option of our BIT delivery model to make key team members part of their company.

Together with the client, we’re currently expanding the functionality of their solutions with cloud-based services via Microsoft Azure platform and various add-on features.