ISA: A dedicated team for Canada’s largest cybersecurity provider

Team size:
9 people
Tech stack:
Python, QRadar, McAfee products, ArcSight

Goals and challenges

ISA is Canada’s largest cybersecurity provider with over twenty five years of market experience. The company provides state-of-the-art IT security solutions for organizations of all sizes. ISA defines, implements, and manages corporate cybersecurity strategies and creates secure business environments for its clients.

ISA needed to improve their customer service, so they identified a dedicated team in Ukraine to assist with this and other product development jobs.

The Solution

SPsoft assembled a dedicated development team for ISA with some of the best cybersecurity specialists in Ukraine. We also upgraded office premises to comply with the global safety requirements. As a core task, our team built a custom Cybersecurity Intelligence and Operations Center (CIOC) from scratch.

Cybersecurity Intelligence and Operations Center (CIOC)

The solution offers unparalleled physical security capabilities and a multi-tenant cloud offering. It is powered by an industry-leading SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) technology with complete redundancy at the collection, management, and data layers.

Our CIOC follows incident response best practices, which allows us to isolate and resolve complex security threats in a very short time.

The solution also enables a cybersecurity support service for ISA’s clients 24/7, both hotline and service desk service.

Managed Security Services (MSS)

Our team extended, optimized, and streamlined Managed Security Services of ISA.

This module responds to the evolving cybersecurity threats. It provides critical security information along with the necessary controls that increase security capabilities of ISA’s customers.

Professional services for ISA’s customers

Additionally, SPsoft work with ISA’s clients helping them analyze their software infrastructures and firewalls. We identify problems and potential threats and recommend improvements according to state-of-the-art cybersecurity guidelines.

Our experts help ISA`s customers streamline change management processes. We design custom roadmaps that describe incremental improvements of security and compliance capabilities of these companies.

Instruments we use

Value we delivered

We built a custom Cybersecurity Intelligence and Operations Center for our client and extended the functionality of other software modules. SPsoft became an integral part of ISA’s operations. For instance, our top security professionals provide cybersecurity consulting and analysis services for the ISA’s clients.

We work with the leading standards of information security like PCI DSS v.3, HIPAA, ISO 27001-2, and GDPR. As of January 2019, SPsoft remains a critical and inalienable partner of ISA`s cybersecurity services.