Inbenta: custom integrations and professional services for the NLP engine

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Team size:
8 people
Tech stack:
NLU/NLP, Java, React.js, Python, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, AWS,

Goals and challenges

Inbenta is a global leader in a new class of enterprise AI and semantic search that develops Natural Language Processing technology for e-commerce and customer support.

Inbenta realized its customers required a hybrid solution for online support. This solution has an AI-powered chatbot to handle most of the routine requests and a live human agent who takes over the very moment a chatbot can’t help with request resolution.

Inbenta needed a software development partner to integrate its NLP products with the most popular live agent products on the market. Later our customer requested extra integrations with smart speakers.

Additionally, Inbenta’s customer base was growing at an accelerating pace. Therefore, the company needed a trusted vendor to carry out complex custom product implementations for large customers.

Third-party software integrations for NLP engine - SPsoft


  • Inbenta needed its core team to focus on the core product development rather than disperse its efforts on non-core tasks. That’s why our dedicated development team took over third-party product integrations and professional services as Inbenta’s trusted partner.SPsoft developed software connectors to bridge Inbenta’s products with popular third-party platforms for live agent support including:
    • Incontact
    • Live Person
    • Salesforce Live Agent

    These connectors allowed Inbenta’s customers to employ a hybrid live support system with chatbots as frontline operators and live agents as a backup option. Most importantly, these connectors created an escalation mechanism for seamless transfer of complex user requests from chatbots to human operators.

    Additionally, SPsoft created connectors IP to smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. These connectors allow end-users to communicate with Inbenta’s hybrid support system through voice commands.

    Finally, SPsoft carried out enterprise-grade customer implementations and integrations that require a large chunk of custom software development. Our professional services team worked on a project basis, integrating Inbenta’s products with sophisticated corporate systems.

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Value we delivered

SPsoft became Inbenta’s trusted vendor that delivered integrations with third-party solutions, including live agents and smart speakers. Our dedicated development team helped Inbenta create an ultimate hybrid customer support solution that seamlessly handles user requests of any complexity.

We integrated Inbenta’s NLP products with the most popular solutions for live human support, which helped Inbenta greatly enhance its product offering. The hybrid solution saves millions of dollars for Inbenta’s customers without compromising the quality of their online support.

Additionally, SPsoft team delivered complex product implementation for our customer’s enterprise clients. This allowed Inbenta’s core team to focus on product improvements and new great features to their NLP software.

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