ERP System For A Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer

SPsoft delivered a custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system from scratch for a wholesale clothing manufacturer and retailer.


The customer is a popular U.S.-based women’s fashion clothing company with a manufacturing chain located in Asia. Customer partners with nationwide retail networks and is currently one of the top women’s clothing manufacturers in the U.S.

  • Location: U.S.
  • Industry: Manufacturing, Retail
  • Project duration: 2019-2020
  • Team size: 3 people
  • Services: Business Analysis, Solution Architecture, Infrastructure Migration, Back-end and Frontend development, Data Migration, Data analytics and visualization, API integrations, Quality Assurance
  • Technologies: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Sidekiq, RSpec, React, Capybara, TDD, DDD

Delivered value

SPsoft has provided ERP system development and transferred 10 years’ worth of business data from the legacy system into the new platform. This data lineup was deduplicated, normalized and optimized under better data structure. This improved the product’s performance while replicating the existing features. It also helped to avoid operational disruption during the transition.


The customer required a custom-built ERP development in order to replace the existing ERP system that has problems in the architecture. This involved several challenges:

  • Move 10 years’ worth of business data from a custom database into a modern database;
  • Perform data cleanup, transformation and normalization;
  • Implement inventory management and material planning functionality;
  • Enable production and supply chain management tools;
  • Provide personnel management and accounting features;
  • Streamline planning and reporting processes;
  • Supply built-in technical documentation to provide a source of truth.

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The process

SPsoft divided the project into two major parts: database optimization and ERP development. Our team assessed the existing database structure and selected the new data model. Thereafter, the existing business data array was deduplicated, normalized and transferred to the new PostgreSQL database. This resulted in whittling down 150 data tables into 30 thus ensuring improved database performance.

The second part of the project involved building a new ERP platform from scratch. SPsoft completed back-end and front-end development and provided a user-friendly interface enabling all the required business processes.

The ready ERP platform provides inventory management and material planning, document workflow and accounting, analytics and reporting across the whole production, supply, and sales chain.

Besides this, SPsoft developers implemented access to built-in technical documentation. This helped create a single source of truth to facilitate ongoing product development and expansion.

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