Enterprise Risk Dashboard

Product Development, Big Data & Data Analytics
Tech stack:
Python 3, PostgreSQL, AWS, Tableau, Bonobo

Goals and challenges

Our client’s company was established in 2011 as the management company for the fund which endeavors to produce consistent and superior returns that are uncorrelated with the broader market metrics.

This is an ethical company that strictly operates within the framework of its core values of integrity and honesty, preservation of capital, and at all times with the interests of fund investors in mind.

Our client had a bunch of components running is custom .xls scrips and a couple of python integrations. Pricing risk reports are always calculated which cased time delays for reports. There are no good visualizations available.

Risk Management Visualization - SPsoft.com

Architecture design

Risk Management Visualization - SPsoft.com

The solution

  • Improving architecture by introducing data lake and ETL infrastructure with Python
  • Adding a database with raw data / calculated and marts to enhance business analytics
  • Adding Tableau to prepare an advanced risk reports UI