Ecommerce Proof of Concept For a Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Delivery service, Dispensary
Team size:
10 people
Tech stack:
Apache, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress

Goals and challenges

Our client is a cannabis dispensary based in Canada that produces a high-quality variety of medical cannabis called Pink Kush. The company needed to develop a proof of concept (POC) for an online store for selling that product directly to patients looking for this particular type of cannabis.

The client wanted to try different designs and multiple implementations of the online dispensary. The goal was to identify the best design and backend infrastructure for an e-commerce shop that sells medical cannabis.

There were a few features that the client targeted:

  1. The shop had to comply with Canadian shipping requirements.
  2. The platform required excellent inventory and price management systems.
  3. There was a need in a secure registration system for their customers.
An e-commerce platform POC for a medical cannabis dispensary -
SPsoft client testimonials - Henry
Henry C.
VP of Business Development

Spsoft created an ecommerce shop for online dispensary and focus groups responded positively to the POC site and provided constructive feedback on the brand positioning. Based on their comments, offshore software developers from Spsoft created a new strategy for the final site. Their responsiveness and technical expertise laid the groundwork for continued engagement.

The solution

In just 60 days, SPsoft built a POC of an e-commerce platform based on WooCommerce, an open-source plugin for WordPress. The online shop we built allows selling products by grams which, a crucial feature given the customer’s industry.

After extensive market research, our team created multiple implementations of the prototype. We designed a shop that met all customer’s requirements including inventory management functionality, multiple payment options, and logistics requirements.

Key functionality

  • An online dispensary, based on WooCommerce plugin for WordPress.
  • A special security module for customer registration with an ID verification system.
  • Custom price management and inventory management systems.
  • Module for warehouse management.
  • Integration with multiple payment engines.
  • Custom store design.

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Value we delivered

SPsoft created a robust functional model of an online platform that allows purchasing medical cannabis with no hassle.

The model was tested with focus groups to identify the best design and user experience. Our team quickly implemented the comments of the focus groups for the final site.