Ecommerce Platform For a Fashion Startup

Fashion, Retail
Team size:
9 people
Tech stack:
Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, REST API, AWS

Goals and challenges

Our customer is a fashion startup that sells clothing under a subscription model. Their service allows a user to receive a new set clothing for every season. The looks and styles are selected by professional designers specifically for a particular subscriber.

The major challenge was to integrate various third-party platforms into the pipeline. Our customer wanted to automate routine tasks like order processing, payment handling, inventory management, stock replacements, and more.

Additionally, the customer wanted a reactive user interface for the platform to make it more appealing for the end users.

The solution

A dedicated development team at SPsoft chose Ruby on Rails as a core technology for the platform. Our backend architects designed an ecommerce platform that efficiently integrates various third-party solutions for inventory management, order processing, analytics, reporting, and more.

The system has been designed in such a way that most of the common tasks are performed automatically. Additionally, we advised on reactive user experience for the platform for top-notch speed, performance, and design.

Let’s take a look at the capabilities of an ecommerce platform we built for the customer.

Key functionality

  • A synchronization suite that syncs inventory data between warehouses and an ecommerce shop.
  • A customer relationship suite that keeps track of all personalized subscriptions and automatically schedules shipments with unique styles for each subscriber.
  • Inventory management suite that optimizes stock size, predicts inventory requirements for the next month, and pushes batch reorders.
  • A payments suite that facilitates automated order processing and integrates multiple payment methods.
  • Data analytics suite that creates sales and marketing reports for better informed decision making.
  • An integrated accounting suite that allows employees to easily creating financial reports.
  • A custom financial reconciliation suite that streamlines tax processing.

Value we delivered

SPsoft created a custom ecommerce shop with the desired functionality and integrated multiple custom and out-of-the-box suites that automate routine tasks. Our software architects designed a proper software infrastructure and then created a platform that can easily scale once the demand for customer’s product surges significantly.

Our team remained flexible throughout the project. We effectively addressed changing project requirements and scope as the customer shaped up its product offering, pricing, marketing activities, and other vital components of its business.