Dedicated Software Architects For An Online Certification Platform

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Team size:
5 people
Tech stack:
AWS, HTML5, JavaScript, React JS, Formik, MongoDB, PHP, XML, Bulma CSS, CSS3, Post CSS, REST API

Goals and challenges


Our client, an online platform that allows US customers to get their vital records application documents from home (birth and death certificates), needed a complete overhaul of their platform to keep it up to date with the latest reactive web experience best practices.

Facing the lack of tech expertise within its internal team, the company decided to find external software architects to carry out the task. They needed experts who can redesign the platform, create a roadmap for the overhaul, and lead and execute the transformation. Key goals were it eliminate the existing software architecture bottlenecks to be able to handle future higher loads efficiently. There was a need to make the platform more resilient and scalable and to improve the solution’s user experience.


The client decided to move forward with the dedicated development team at a remote location. However, after trying out to work with several vendors they found it hard to identify the right technology partner.

Outsourcing vendors didn’t understand the primary pain of the Client. The company needed backend and frontend software architects to assess the existing architecture and suggest game-changing improvements to the platform. The vendors, on their side, offered only software engineers who could execute the strategy, but not design it from scratch.

When the Client contacted SPsoft, we were able to identify and quickly hire suitable software experts for the project. In just four weeks after the contract was signed, SPsoft hired a backend architect and a frontend architect to kick off the project. Shortly after the project launch, two senior software engineers were added to a dedicated development team.


I had trouble finding the right software architects for backend and frontend. The vendors I’ve contacted kept pushing developers with little experience in architecture design. Conversely, SPsoft realized what I really needed and quickly hired great architects. The project kicked off in just a month after our first call. The delivery was equally splendid: proper and clear communication, deep knowledge, amazing expertize, professional execution, and timely delivery. Now the team grew to four people, and we are really looking forward to doing more business together.

Key functionality

  • Complete backend architecture redesign aimed at better efficiency, fast operation, improved scalability, and upgraded security.
  • An efficient architecture designed to handle high loads.
  • Upgraded software infrastructure and migrated some services to cloud.
  • High availability of the service at around 99.9%.
  • Improved data storage for better protection of the sensitive user data.
  • Better platform security against data breach and loss.
  • Reactive user interface with fast and intuitive functionality.

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Value we delivered

In just four weeks, SPsoft was able to identify and hire two software architects to carry out a massive redesign of the solution’s backend and frontend. During the discovery phase, our technology experts assessed the client’s software architecture and identified necessary changes.

At the backend part, we were able to improve the solution’s digital security and efficiency. SPsoft team migrated particular services to AWS cloud for better service availability and faster speed of operation.

Our frontend architect designed the reactive user experience for better convenience and visual appeal of the website. We dramatically improved the scalability and flexibility of the solution making it easier for the admin staff to modify and manage content.

Finally, our software engineers eased system deployment reducing maintenance costs of the solution.