Dedicated Development Team For Sales Automation Platform

SPsoft develops an omni-industry sales automation platform for a U.S.-based sales management solutions provider.


The customer is one of the fastest-growing B2B/B2C sales automation platform providers. Their product allows businesses to manage sales processes using their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, web portal and mobile apps.

  • Location: U.S.
  • Industry: Sales
  • Project duration: 2019-ongoing
  • Team size: 4 people
  • Services: UI/UX design, front end development, backend development, mobile app development, DevOps services
  • Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Swift, Kotlin, AWS

Delivered value

The SPsoft team provided mobile and web app code refactoring to split a monolithic platform into a microservice-based product with custom API connectors. This allowed the customer using the platform to meet the needs of clients from various industries, from beauty salons to surgical equipment and beverage distribution.


The client wanted to shift the platform support and development from the previous vendor to transform a custom-built tool into an “enterprise-grade” product. SPsoft had to deliver several results:

  • product onboarding and knowledge transfer within a short period of time
  • platform architecture assessment and redesign
  • UI/UX improvements for iOS/Android and web apps
  • code refactoring and performance optimization
  • enabling API integrations with popular ERP tools to customize the platform based on the customer needs

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The process

The customer had a web app and iOS/Android apps with troubles in UI/UX and performance. During the product onboarding and knowledge transfer from the previous vendor, SPsoft determined the core issues with the existing code. To remove them we performed code refactoring. Thereafter, SPsoft’s team improved the UI/UX and implemented the required functionality in a new product.

The platform delivered by SPsoft consisted of a core engine built of modular components and an API connector layer, thus allowing simple integration with various ERP systems. These changes helped improve product performance and make it more scalable. As a result, the final product was customized to meet the needs of enterprise clients from any industry.

From the moment SPsoft took on the responsibility for the platform support, extension and customer implementations, we had already onboarded 3 large clients. This has greatly boosted the customer’s brand and empowered the further cross-vertical expansion of their client base.

The project is ongoing and SPsoft currently works on support and expansion of platform capabilities to meet the customer’s needs.

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