Commission sales representative

100% commission Sale Rep WANTED!

We are looking for an experienced 100% commission-based only business development driver with an entrepreneurial mindset, strong in selling outsourcing software development services and tech positions outstaffing to startups, small and medium-sized businesses.

If you succeed and achieve the 50k MRR level – there is an option to take a full-time job with a reasonable base salary and uncapped bonus while keeping the flexibility of working from anywhere.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Generate leads and actively participate in converting them into paying clients.
  • Create a great killer impression on our prospects.
  • Discover customer needs and propose relevant solutions based on our offering;
  • Schedule and participate in calls throughout the sales cycle
  • Identify creative ways to find new customers and start conversations about SPsoft.
  • Maintain the sales process in Pipedrive CRM
  • Develop and keep your knowledge up to date on SPsoft services, partners, differentiators, competitors, value proposition and related software development technologies, so you can effectively prospect and qualify leads.
  • Research target customers and identify prospects using publicly available data, LinkedIn, our internal database and online research.
  • Consistently attain monthly, quarterly and annual targets.

Required skills and experience

  • Successful track record of selling Outsourced custom software development services, technology positions outstaffing, cloud devops services, big data related projects and solutions
  • An ability to influence others and build rapport quickly – especially over the phone.
  • Hands-on experience with different sales techniques.
  • Resilience and perseverance that lets you overcome objections.
  • Experience with CRM software like Pipedrive would be a plus. If you’ve also got experience with prospecting tools like ZoomInfo, LinkedIn Sales
  • Navigator and Outreach — that would be even better.

What and WHY SPSoft

  • Consider us a boutique custom complex and easy to use software solutions development company, with a development team located in Ukraine, doing business in the US.
  • Our ICP ranges from small tech startups (seed/Serie A) and small businesses all the way to SMBs with technological and big data/analytics needs
  • We develop and extend existing products and platforms, integrating our customer’s products with 3’rd party systems, create complex data driven custom solutions, provide our clients with business insights using data analytics and predictive analytics, create custom Machine learning solutions using advanced DataScience and more! And we do all of the above quickly, with top quality and in style!
  • Our success ratio is 100% – meaning you can contact any of our existing 11 customers and they confirm we are a real deal and recommend us to others, our hiring ratio of our engineers from the market is 1:50, other 49 who do not qualify continue working for our competitors 😉
  • We are capable of creating a working mobile/web/data prototype between the first (discovery) and second (follow-up) calls, usually within a week, if the potential client is really important to us, without any prepayment or even signed contract!
  • As a deal closer facilitators to help you sell, we offer up to 2 weeks free of charge termination, if the client is not satisfied with the service.

What's in it for you

  • Compensation: 100% commission – High Six Figures is achievable ($150K+), anything less than Six Figures would be considered a failure. There is no ceiling to your compensation plan.
  • Uncapped Earning Potential – We want you to make so much money you don’t know what to do with it.
  • Freedom – work anywhere, flexible hours.
  • Help us to make IMPACT and be UP TO DATE: we are developing custom software solutions for our clients using a mixture of bleeding-edge technologies and approaches such as Cloud Native architecture, Hybrid mobile frameworks like flutter, web frontend frameworks such as react, big data & machine learning.
  • Become successful with us in 3 steps:
    1. Bring us the leads to utilize your business network and outreach to a wider audience that is relevant to us.
    2. Enjoy OUR team to engage your leads and close the deals.
    3. Receive your 10% of sales commissions from the gross revenue we make with the clients brought in by you during the first 12 months of cooperation.


  • Your sales commission would be 10% from GROSS revenue from the first 12 months of revenue from the deal you brought.
  • ZERO base salary initially. No social package, no health insurance, no other benefits. REMINDER: option to switch to base salary position once you achieved 50k MRR.

Our expectations

  • Working hours are flexible and up for your discretion, but we expect you to work at least 20 h\w in order to succeed with us, deliver results and receive a reasonable reward.
  • Participate in 1-2 weekly sync meetings with the team.
  • We expect you to land your first deals within your first 90 days, keeping in mind that we are generally ok landing a few smaller deals (~10k/MRR) with shorter cycles for smaller representatives of tech startups/small businesses.
  • Our typical contract ranges between 240-750k / year.
  • After the initial 60 days of your work, you should be booking 3-5 calls with pre-qualified leads per week.