Booking and Ticketing Platform For a Travel Agency

Tourism, Hospitality
Team size:
7 people
Tech stack:
PHP, HTML5, Javascript, Knockout.js, MySQL, Ajax, Apache, AWS, Zoho CRM, Magento

Goals and challenges

Our client is a travel agency in Bali, Indonesia. The company’s management envisioned a custom end-to-end e-commerce platform that would aggregate local tours, outdoor experiences, attractions, and other activities in a single marketplace.

  1. The idea was to match local businesses that offer recreational experiences with tourists who seek such activities.
  2. The major challenge was a custom e-commerce platform that would automate most booking and ticketing operations and enable multiple payment options for end-users.
Development of the booking and ticketing platform for a travel agency -
SPsoft client testimonials - Andrew
Andrew S.
Product Manager

We had an offshore development center at Spsoft. The dedicated development team built a custom ecommerce shop with the Magento platform and carried out CRM integrations. The system was functional and earned positive feedback from the key stakeholders. The team went above and beyond to deliver effective QA and quality product.

The solution

SPsoft partnered with the client to build a custom booking and ticketing platform based on Magento e-commerce software. We quickly assembled a dedicated team that created an end-to-end web solution from scratch.

Our team researched the market and conducted business analysis for the future product. We analyzed the underlying business processes to make the resulting solution intuitive and easy-to-operate. We planned and defined staff profiles and the operations they typically performed.

The idea was to automate the majority of transactions between all involved parties and take manual work out of the equation.

Our team improved existing functionality and developed new modules for client and vendor transactions. SPsoft also created complete documentation for the platform.

Key functionality

  • Built an end-to-end platform that automates most business processes.
  • Added new modules: Marketing, Advertising, and Content modules.
  • Improved and expanded existing modules: Customer and Services modules.
  • Implemented data integration between Magento, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Finance Suite.
  • Customized Magento e-commerce platform.
  • Added verification and validation system for QR codes and manual managing functionality.
  • Developed a visual concept of brand and a brand book.
  • Designed web and mobile interfaces.
  • Created an API for third-party integrations.

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Value we delivered

We created a platform that matches agencies and businesses that sell attractions & tours with tourists. Our engineers integrated to solutions: one for customers and another one for vendors that want to sell their tours on the platform.

SPsoft team has substantially expanded the functionality of the existing modules that manage orders and vendor relations. For instance, we implemented support for agent referrals.

We also greatly expanded the number of payment options and added high-quality online support for tourists.

Overall, our team built a robust online platform that allows end-users to book a tour on Bali safely. The solution matches tourists with an array of agencies and partners that offer a wide range of activities to select from.