AR-Based Personalized Virtual Skincare Counsellor For The Biggest Asian Skincare and Makeup Brand

Retail, Beauty
Team size:
4 people
Tech stack:
Android/ARCore, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, AWS, Vue.js

Goals and challenges

Our client, one of the largest cosmetic firms in Japan, wanted to develop a Virtual Skincare Counselor, offering a compelling and cohesive Skin Care counseling experience leveraging skin scanning with a handheld scanner and face detection to increase their sales in retail stores.

The solution

Our team developed POC of the Smart Mirror based Virtual Skincare Counselor with the following functionality:

  • Skin scanner integration with Smart Mirror device
  • AR-based real-time skin-scanner usage guidance how to apply handheld scanner with face-detection
  • Skin measurement results visualization
  • Product management CMS
  • Skin measurements and rules based product recommendation engine
  • Loyalty card QR-based user identification
  • Analytics

App screen demo