Pathmonk Presents Podcast with Michael Lazor

Standing out from the crowd of IT vendors in one of the most infused with tech talent communities is a task that might seem insurmountable. Yet, there are folks who have climbed that mountain more than once, and they do know how to bring results to the table. The SPsoft founder & CEO, Michael Lazor has recently featured on Pathmonk Presents Podcast to share his marketing acumen, tech prowess and tell how SPsoft differs from the other IT vendors.

What’s Pathmonk Presents Podcast? It is an online show where top business leaders share their insights in a 20-min format, while the host makes sure to look behind the curtain of the guest’s personality.

Let’s cut to the chase and see what exciting insights Michael has shared with the guys from Pathmonk. The thing that matters to Mike the most is for his company, SPsoft, to be the difference in the SaaS market, as he’s trying to fill the gaps left by incompetent vendors in the hearts and budgets of unsatisfied clients. This is exactly why Michael implements the quantum marketing strategy at SPsoft, thus making sure that the company gets only relevant customer traffic. Such an approach is aimed at enabling SPsoft’s maximum customization of services that leads to “delivering more than they could have expected,” as Michael says. 

Our CEO has also claimed that in most cases, instead of taking the burden off their shoulders, inexperienced IT vendors become a burden for their clients themselves. Companies are trying to grab hold of every opportunity, starting projects they have no roadmaps to complete. Thus, the clients end up with more issues than solutions at the end of the day. Meanwhile, SPsoft’s marketing toolkit ensures continuous synergy in the project, as it all starts at the point where SPsoft understands their clientele by default.

Here’s an interesting thing to know about Michael. He was the Head of Delivery Office at one of the biggest Ukrainian IT companies for ten years. Yet, he quit following the dream of building a company with an unprecedented level of clients’ journey personalization.

Michael’s business vision is simple and, at the same time, efficient. It is not about the quantity but the quality of projects that you deliver. This is why SPsoft is all about changing the clients’ perception of the Ukrainian outsourcing IT market as a company capable of completing niche projects in a genuinely custom-tailored manner.

You are more than welcome to check Michael’s interview below and get to know how he managed to turn SPsoft into a vendor now trusted by many because of its exclusive devotion to the few.

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