Healthcare Software Development

Automate your internal processes, enhance your customers' experience, and bolster your data management. SPsoft leverages technological innovation and commercial acumen to craft unique competitive advantages for your healthcare business. Secure and compliant software for patients, doctors, insurance companies, pharmaceutical suppliers, and medical device vendors is one conversation away.

Custom solutions for healthtech companies & start-ups

IT consulting and healthcare app development services fueled by experience and drive for innovation. Tailor-made mobile, desktop, and cloud-based medical software augmenting your business.


Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to keep all the data secured and easily-manageable in one place. Electronic Health Records (EHR) to render healthcare delivery smoother for everyone involved.



Wireless devices compatible, native and cross-platform mobile apps for improved patient monitoring, diagnosing, and consulting.


Patient portals

24/7 accessible, comprehensive web and mobile healthcare informational portals for patients

Patient portals


An internal website for a healthcare institution to keep employees up to speed, manage communication, share knowledge, improve personnel training, and maintain documentation.



HCRM systems for ensuring an enhanced end-to-end patient support experience. PRM systems for individualized client relations and communication.



Web and mobile software enabling remote doctor-patient consulting, diagnosing, and treatment support.


We selected SPsoft for their reputation in the industry as an innovative and efficient company with only the best developers on hand for the tasks needed to be executed

Dave Townsend CEO & Founder Switchback Health

Key Areas of Expertise

SPsoft reinvents medical and life science companies’ operations, establishing reliable software infrastructures amenable to change and innovation in the digitalized healthcare industry.

Big Data and Analytics

Optimise spendings, develop data-driven strategies, and enable smarter solutions by discovering hidden patient patterns and correlations.

AI and ML

Let artificial intelligence boost your diagnostic accuracy, treatment efficiency, and operational performance.


Migrate to cloud and accelerate innovative healthcare services delivery while ensuring ubiquitous compliance with local and international security standards.

Clinical trials solutions

Developing secure and robust pipelines for processing pre-clinical trial data, fueling your business objectives with research-based solutions.


The security-by-design approach, regular risk assessments, and penetration testings guarding your compliance with HIPAA, GDPR and other legal regulations.


Provide patients and medical personnel with user experience to long for. Smooth navigation, intuitive interactions, and inclusive features to cater to the individual needs of every user.


Managed solution development

Developed from scratch solutions for hospitals, labs, clinics, private physicians, etc.

We start with an in-depth analysis of the concept and its target market, as we move into the development stage with a list of pre-established boxes to tick-off on your way to success. We take on a long-term project roadmap development.


For anyone willing to test their ideas, attract investors, and get valuable user feedback

An MVP is a quick to develop workable prototype of your software that lets you save time and money. Enter the full-scale development stage having all the product’s scarcities eliminated.


For companies looking to expand their development prowess and capacities

We complement our clients’ development teams with the particular tech talent they require to achieve their goals

Success stories

Developing a Comprehensive Doctor-Patient TeleHealth Solution

Developing an all-in-one telehealth solution for finding, administering, and paying for state-of-the-art psychotherapeutic services.

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Migrating, Redesigning, and Integrating a Patient-Doctor Platform

The SPsoft team has been involved with redesigning and migrating a healthcare company’s website to ensure higher customer conversion and services convergence through the provision of the requested EHR integrations.

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Customer Engagement Portal Development For an Intraoperative Solutions Provider

SPsoft developed an automatic patient support web portal with a chatbot providing guided conversational experience to assist patients with their pre- and post-surgery inquiries.

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Web and Mobile Apps For Rehabilitation Provider

Having taken over a telehealth platform with extensive tech debt, the SPsoft team has provided R&D services, technology consulting, as well as architecture and infrastructure updates required for refining the product’s functionality.

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