Constantly adding new areas of expertise, our team has proven competence and practical experience to cover the end-to-end development process for various platforms and to deliver result-oriented products for every size business.

SaaS platform development

SPsoft develops cloud-native products and platforms for web and mobile, integrates them with data sources, and designs memorable UX.

We optimize user engagement and user churn for B2B and B2C customers while leveraging the optimal technology stack that reduces the time-to-market and the total cost of ownership. We do this using Ruby, React, Node.JS, Java, Kotlin, Firebase, .NET and 20+ other software development tools.

Cloud management & DevOps

We take care of your cloud infrastructure, monitor mission-critical assets and perform health checks of all resources to ensure the reliability of service.

SPsoft builds and monitors scalable, secure and robust cloud infrastructures on AWS using Terraform, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Docker, Nginx and Helm, Prometheus and Grafana. Rich experience with Service Reliability Engineering enables us to design and deploy enterprise-grade high-load systems.

Big Data analytics & visualization

SPsoft has ample experience with building robust data analytics solutions that can ETL and visualize all kinds of structured and unstructured data to support business decision making with data-driven models and help businesses turn their Big Data into a goldmine of insights.

We work with PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, InfluxDB and other Big Data tools to build cohesive and informative data visualizations.

Data Science, ML & AI

We have worked on a variety of projects involving Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help optimize and personalize customer experience.

We used R language, Python, Keras and AWS ML services to train various types of Neural Networks (random forest, k-nearest neighbor, etc.) and enrich the end-user customer journey with AI-powered features. 

High-load systems

Our system architects design and build high load systems that provide immense computing power to deal with vast amounts of customer data and backend interactions using Ruby, Java, Python and other technologies to support IT systems and mission-critical assets for Fortune500 enterprises and startups alike.

Cybersecurity services

We provide 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring, MSSP/MDR services, advanced infrastructure audit and penetration testing, as well as long-term analysis of your security threats profile and recommendations on minimizing the potential attack surface.

SPsoft helps build reliable security procedures, minimize the risk of intrusion and scope of potential damage to your mission-critical systems.

Healthcare & clinical trials solutions

SPsoft delivers complex data-driven care management workflow solutions that drive active engagement in patients.

Our experience covers real-time medical data integration with open-source and proprietary m-Health platforms as well as data integration with EHRs to give patients and healthcare providers access to vital information through convenient mobile apps.

We build secure and robust pipelines for processing pre-clinical trial data to get the research-based solutions to your business objectives.

Manual & Automated QA

We treat the code quality seriously and implement rigorous QA practices using both manual and automated testing.

We use tools like Codeception, Selenium, Robotium, SoapUI and others to build in-depth unit and integrity testing pipelines, as well as regression, user acceptance and functional testing, black box testing, etc. Using our DevOps expertise we build CI/CD pipelines with integrated automated QA, which ensures our developers produce clean and efficient code.