How to Build a Telemedicine App

How to Build a Telemedicine App

2020 has thrown us all a challenge that seemed too tall to climb. Yet, that year has also been a lesson to learn, as investors and companies have made it clear for themselves which markets and niches to invest in. Quite obvious, the healthcare industry is topping the charts as the world is steeped in an unprecedented need for high-quality healthcare services. Yet, the ultimate question to answer is whether we need healthcare in the form it used to exist in the pre-coronavirus era?

HIPAA compliance in software development - cover image

How to Develop a HIPAA-Compliant Telemedicine Platform

$4.3 million (maybe even more) to be paid in penalties. This might be the verdict you’ll hear in court one day if you reject the need for developing telemedicine apps in a HIPAA-compliant manner. This is a real-life case that we’re talking about. A cancer center from Texas, which we’ll leave undisclosed for understandable reasons, has recently paid $4.3 million in civil monetary penalties because it couldn’t care less to protect its patients’ data the way HIPAA instructs and requires to.

Pathmonk Presents Podcast with Michael Lazor

Michael Lazor on Quantum Marketing Strategy, Relevant Clientele, and SPsoft | Pathmonk Presents Podcast with Michael Lazor

Standing out from the crowd of IT vendors in one of the most infused with tech talent communities is a task that might seem insurmountable. Yet, there are folks who have climbed that mountain more than once, and they do know how to bring results to the table. The SPsoft founder & CEO, Michael Lazor has recently featured on Pathmonk Presents Podcast to share his marketing acumen, tech prowess and tell how SPsoft differs from the other IT vendors.

How to build MVP for a startup in around 3 months

How to Build MVP for a Startup in 3 Months

Launching a new product is an interesting and exciting process for every startup. So, you have already validated your idea for market fit, raised some seed investments and are ready to embark on this journey? Great! But you don’t want to spend half a year of your life without any guarantee of success? Read on to learn the pros and cons of MVP development and how to minimize the duration of this process!