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Having taken over a telehealth platform with extensive tech debt, the SPsoft team has provided R&D services, technology consulting, as well as architecture and infrastructure updates required for refining the product’s functionality.


A US-based start-up platform for physiatrist and recuperative care patients that refines and smoothes the treatment process. Instead of visiting a doctor’s office, patients get a personalized set of recuperative exercise videos, which doctors can adjust and update. This is an up-and-coming HIPAA-compliant telehealth project called to refine the healthcare delivery process.


United States



Team size:

4 people

Project duration:



Business analysis, cloud architecture design, DevOps, back-end & front-end development, API integration, QA.

Tech stack:

  • iOS
  • .Net
  • AWS


Having taken over a telehealth platform with extensive tech debt, the SPsoft team has provided R&D services, technology consulting, as well as architecture and infrastructure updates required for refining the product’s functionality.

We took over a project with no clear vision on improvement and product developement researched. Copious performance barriers prevented the product from working smoothly and reaching its full commercial potential. The platform’s outdated iOS code was preventing it from meeting the updated App Store requirements. Automated SSL-certificates assignment and custom-designed referral program were missing, bringing about a myriad of legal and customer experience discrepancies.

Value Delivered

The product’s architectural and infrastructural issues affecting its performance, scalability, and stability have been detected and eradicated. We also dealt with the tech debt left behind by the customer’s previous technology partner, clearing up the way for further product’s development.

All the required improvements have been implemented, and our DevOps specialist has taken to continuously supporting the product’s SLA, reacting to any performance discrepancies within an hour. The product’s refactored code, coupled with the infrastructure and architecture improvements, has managed to dock the number of DevOps incidents down to zero over the course of six months.

It needs mentioning, we have switched to the Time & Material billing model, thus letting the customer prioritize and plan the budget in a cost-efficient manner.

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The process

When troubleshooting for our clients, we take one issue at a time, making sure that we miss none. Our consulting team excelled at analyzing the causes of the platform’s unstable performance.

The SPsoft team put all hands on deck to conduct an in-depth R&D of the product’s architecture and infrastructure, eventually identifying its refinement opportunities. Having established the soft spots, we took to crafting up the development road map – the next step on our agenda.

The first step on our way toward an improved product was dealing with the tech scarcities left behind by the previous technology partner. One of the core issues was a scarce support agreement with the previous technology partner.

We have optimized the platform’s infrastructure in order to remove redundancies. All the external modules, databases, and components have been updated to their newest versions to ensure data security and HIPAA compliance.

Our iOS developers have refactored the code letting it meet the updated App Store requirements. Also, the platform’s architecture has been updated. The mentioned above custom-designed referral program and the automated SSL-certificate assignment features have been added.

Following a rigid agenda of research, analysis, and development, the platform’s issues have been first mitigated and then removed.

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