Traveling Safety and Convenience Ensurance Platform for a US-Based Automation, Analytics, AI, and Cloud Data Management Powerhouse

A unique traveling platform that notifies passengers on the traveling restrictions and conditions per country and then verifies the traveler's compliance with them.


Our client is a US-based IT-powerhouse narrowly specializing in workflow automation, analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud data migration.


United States



Team size:

4 people

Project duration:



DevOps, Back-end & Front-end development, API integration

Tech stack:

  • React
  • Azure


While extending the customer’s in-house development team, we had to deal with an extensive work scope  individually. Designing and implementing the documents recognition feature, as the platform was meant to help passengers scan and verify their COVID-19 tests,  was the first task on the agenda. Our next mission was to render the platform capable of providing passengers with the latest information on the tests to pass in order to be eligible for entering any particular state. Finally, the development of the Home Test Kit feature, which is nothing else, but a passenger’s informational portal on the testing and vaccination points nearby the airport or any other traveling hub, was the last on the list. The solution was meant to be rendered simultaneously compatible with numerous major airlines’ services.

Value Delivered

Ultimately, we had to create a platform that provides passengers with information on: the tests they have to pass in order to enter a country of their choice; locations for having the tests or vaccines administered; the validity of the received test or vaccine.

The SPsoft team has managed to design and develop a solution that simplifies the passengers’ journey and freeing it of the legal blockers and transit bottlenecks. Our developers have harnessed the full potential of Azure Form Recognizer to render the platform capable of reading and recognizing documents submitted by the customers in many languages. Mammoth volumes of geospatial, legal, and healthcare databases have been put together and synchronized to provide the clients with the types of information mentioned above.

Utterly usable for copious major airlines’ subproducts, the platform has evolved into a complete traveler’s convenience hub that eases up routing and transit. Producing simultaneous output for the product’s performance on a number of airlines’ platforms, being pushed by extremely tight deadlines, our team has yet managed to accelerate the product’s roadmap development and contribute to the full-scale platform’s launch.

The process

The SPsoft crew started developing the project one week after the customer contacted us in February 2021. A team of 4 requested tech experts has been summoned in a glimpse of an eye. Following a short span of onboarding, the product’s roadmap has been devised instantly, based on a successful MVP. The team has then initiated the features design and development process, powered by the test-driven development methodology. All the product features requested by the customer have been successfully brought to life by the end of April 2021.

As of now, we plan a long-term rampant growth of our team within the framework of extending the customer’s international team. Our goal is to render the company’s product the most trusted and reliable platform for making both travelers and carriers lives easier in the new normal. 

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