Reinventing The ALS Patients Treatment Experience

The SPsoft team has automated the ALS patient’s care provider front office, once and forever changing the patients and personnel experience, while boosting the company’s business capabilities


A Chicago-based Series A digital health startup revolutionizing personalized care for patients suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.





Team size:

5 people

Project duration:

June 2021 - Present


Solution Architecture design and implementation, Front-end and Back-end development, DevOps services

Tech stack:

  • Node.js
  • React
  • Typescript
  • hasura
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS


SPsoft has embarked on a project that alleviates the treatment journey for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patients. Our mission was to build a platform that would help automate the healthcare services provider’s internal workflow by reinventing their approach to the front office operations.

Working with ALS patients requires a specific understanding of how these people approach healthcare providers. Following an extensive research session, we had to come up with the solution architecture that would make it more convenient for ALS patients to use the service while simultaneously rendering it efficient from the business point of view. The SPsoft team has had to automate the patients flow, letting the personnel pay more attention to each personal case, thus boosting the quality of services provided.

ASL patients’ access to our client’s online front desk was meant to be rendered seamless. The process of filling in the forms and providing all the required documents, including health records and test results, has had to be turned into a natural flow with no accessibility bumps on the road. Meanwhile, we also had to bolster the client’s back-office capabilities with an automated data processing tool that visualizes information to let them spend more time processing each patient’s needs. Navigating patients through further treatment steps, including the choice of a doctor, has had to be transformed into a more quality-infused process.

Value Deliverd

The solution delivered has changed the client’s workflow once and forever by shifting the emphasis from quantity to quality while simultaneously enhancing the company’s patient turnover capabilities. We automated everything that could have been automated, and now, our client can scale their business without extending their in-house stuff correspondingly.

As the platform has been deployed and is being scaled further up, our client can extend their patient base by being able to process more patients through automation while also boosting the quality of the services provided due to the surplus time the coordinators have for processing each patient. In addition, the business’s user-friendliness has also been improved as a result of revamping the front office with improved logic and infrastructure.

The process

This project started off with us being referred to the client by another healthcare provider immensely satisfied with the services provided by SPsoft. Following a session of detailed negotiations, we have launched the discovery phase, identifying the scope of tasks we need to deal with, the strategy to apply, as well as the platform infrastructure and the resources required. The ultimate takeout was a clear understanding of our client’s business needs and how our technology solutions can help bring them in.

A team of 5 specialists, including a back-end tech lead, a DevOps engineer, a back-end developer, and two front-end developers, has been summoned instantly. We embarked upon designing the concept and the architecture following the discovery phase, which was then crowned by a coding session that saw us deploying the first MVP phase in September, just two months since the beginning of the project.

The second phase was released in January 2022, as we are now planning the product’s further extension. The extended version will feature a platform for patient registration, inner administrative console, internal workflow optimization and definition, patient onboarding front-end features, and patient application features.

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