Dedicated SaaS Engineering Team For Sales Automation Platform

An omni-industry sales automation B2B2C platform for a US-based sales management solutions provider.


One of the fastest-growing US-based B2B2C sales automation platform providers for businesses, aiming at introducing a neoteric sales management and processing experience with the help of a revolutionary combination of an ERP system, websites, and mobile apps.


United States



Team size:

4 people

Project duration:



UI/UX Design, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Mobile App Development, DevOps

Tech stack:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • AWS


Overtaking a platform with extensive tech debt, development, and support issues, and transforming a custom-built tool into an enterprise-grade product. The SPsoft team has faced the challenge of:

  • Time-pressed product onboarding and knowledge transfer.
  • Platform architecture assessment and redesign.
  • UI/UX improvements for the iOS/Android/Web platforms.
  • Code refactoring and performance optimization.
  • Providing API integrations with the required ERP tools.
  • Platform customization regarding the customers’ needs.

Value Delivered

The SPsoft team refactored the mobile and web app code, splitting the monolithic platform into a microservice-based product with custom API integrations. The platform can now meet the needs of distributors and consumers from a number of industries, including beauty & care, surgical equipment production, beverage distribution, etc. The innovations introduced have led our customer to the acquisition of three enterprise customers, which has boosted and exposed its brand and empowered further cross-vertical expansion of the client base.

The process

All of the customer’s apps, including iOS/Android and web, experienced UI/UX and performance difficulties. Following a swift product onboarding and knowledge transfer, SPsoft managed to determine the current code’s core issues, which required refactoring.

We went on to improve the UI/UX aspect and implemented the required new product’s functionality. The platform delivered by SPsoft consisted of a core engine built of modular components and a layer of API connectors. This has helped integrate the platform with various ERP systems, which has improved the product’s performance and scalability.

The final product was customized to meet the needs of enterprise clients coming from various industries. The project is ongoing as the SPsoft team is currently invested in supporting and expanding the platform’s capabilities.

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