Customer Engagement Portal Development For an Intraoperative Solutions Provider

SPsoft developed an automatic patient support web portal with a chatbot providing guided conversational experience to assist patients with their pre- and post-surgery inquiries.


The customer is a global leader in providing intraoperative imaging solutions. They focus on the safety of their patients and the clinical staff. This is achieved through workflow optimization while maintaining diagnostic-quality imaging.





Team size:

4 people

Project duration:



CMS integration, Cloud architecture design and DevOps services, Chatbot development

Tech stack:

  • React
  • Java Spring
  • Rasa
  • Hippo CMS


SPsoft had to ensure the development of an intuitive and user-friendly portal with a built-in content management capability. Our second goal was leveraging a chatbot technology and conversational UI to provide engaging and humanized pre- and post-surgery patient support.

Value Deliverd

SPsoft formed a dedicated software engineering team that designed and delivered an automatic patient support portal with a content management capability and AI-powered chatbot. This helped improve patient satisfaction by more than 30%, serve patients more efficiently, reduce the overhead of patient support personnel in 12 hospitals by 25%, and increase the number of surgeries ordered from these healthcare providers.

The process

SPsoft developed an information portal for helping patients with their pre- and post-surgery inquiries. The content included guides on how to prepare for different kinds of surgeries and contained recommendations on various aspects of recovery after these surgeries. The CMS of choice was Hippo CMS due to the simplicity of integration and content management.

The conversational experience was enabled through the development of a chatbot. The algorithm was trained based on the customer’s knowledge base. The patients are able to ask questions and receive answers based on knowledge base content relevant to their requests. This allowed the creation of humanized and personalized end-user experiences and ultimately decreased the workload on hospital personnel. As a result, this helped the patients feel more engaged and taken care of during the process of their treatment.

In three months following the launch, the platform onboarded 12 hospitals and more than 5,000 patients (and potential patients) used it to receive digital consultations on their surgery-related inquiries.

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